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Title: What Can I Do?
Rating: R/18
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters.
Warnings: H/D slash, very smutty
Author's Notes: So this is chapter 3, in which Harry learns the real problem of not being able to use your hands. Smut starts here, you have been warned!

Chapter 1 here

Chapter 3: Assistance

It had become routine now after nearly two more weeks. Potter would dress him in the morning then leave for work and Draco would throw himself into research, aided by Kreacher. Potter would come home, Draco would retire to his room until after dinner and then eventually make an appearance in the library where he would sometimes research and sometimes exchange summaries of what they had each read with Potter. Their exchanges were short and business like, and if not exactly friendly at least not hostile. Then Harry would help him change into his pyjamas and Draco would go to bed. The one evening Potter had gone out to visit his friends had been more tortuous than Draco liked to admit. If even Potter’s company was better than his own he really thought he must have hit a new low in his life.

At least he was here tonight though and they were sitting in the library again with the fire going and Draco supposedly reading a book but actually feeling rather drowsy. He hadn’t requested for Kreacher to turn the page in at least five minutes.

“Do you want me to give you a bath?”

Draco jerked his head up at Potter’s words, all trace of drowsiness gone as he blinked at him stupidly.


“A bath,” he repeated, as if this might be the part that Draco hadn’t understood, “You know, to wash you.”

“I know what a bath is Potter,” he snapped, more out of embarrassment than anything, “Are you telling me I appear to be unclean?”

Potter huffed at that, but at least had the grace to look contrite. “You’re perfectly clean Malfoy, but I’m aware Kreacher is cleaning you with magic. I just thought you might actually prefer to wash with water for a change. I’ve seen you naked already, it’s not like it’s a big deal is it?”

It was, Draco thought, but if Potter didn’t think so then it would make him look rather a fool if he made it into one. It was that thought more than the desire for a bath that made him nod and agree. That was how he found himself upstairs five minutes later being expertly stripped by Potter and helped into a steaming tub of water.

“I’ll let you relax for a bit and then come wash your hair,” Potter informed him, retreating from the room before Draco could object. He snapped his mouth shut and lay back in the water, closing his eyes in relief. Potter was right, it was nice to feel water on his skin again, he already felt cleaner than any number of cleaning charms could make him. The only problem was that with no feeling in his arms they were tending to float on top of the water. He clenched the muscles in his shoulders to push them down a little, thankful that he had at least that much control and then let his eyes drift closed.

He must have fallen asleep at some point because he awoke to find himself slipping down under the water with no way to prevent it. The bath was big and square, so big that his legs didn’t reach the other side to steady himself. He yelped just before his head went under the water and flailed around ineffectually for a few panicked moments trying to push himself to the surface. Only when he calmed down did he manage to twist and wedge his knee and shoulder against the bottom, using them to push himself upwards. His head broke the surface and he took a huge gasping breath.

“Shit!” Water was pouring down his face and with no way to wipe it away he was forced to keep his eyes firmly closed as his hair dripped into them.

“Are you ok?” He hadn’t heard Potter come in, but then it was difficult to hear anything above his own ragged breathing. A hand slicked his hair back, and another swiped the water from his face and he prised one eye open to look at Potter who was actually gazing at him in concern.

Draco would have replied, something scathing seemed to be in order, but Potter had inexplicably turned up with no shirt on and for some reason the sight of Potter’s body, lean and muscular, seemed to rob him of the power of speech. Damn it, it really had been too long since he’d had sex if he was even finding Potter attractive.

In the end all he did was grunt and allow Potter to move him back into a sitting position. He tucked his knees up to his chest and tried not to think about why Potter was half naked.

“Maybe I shouldn’t leave you in the bath unsupervised in future.” Potter sounded amused and Draco risked a sideways glance at him, hoping that the look let Potter know exactly how unamused he was at being as helpless as a child. It seemed it worked because a moment later Potter started washing his hair and Draco was forced to close his eyes.

Merlin that felt amazing. Draco had never had his hair washed by anyone before – at least not since he was a very small child, and he hadn’t realised quite how wonderful it could feel to have someone massaging your scalp and running their hands over your hair and pouring warm water over your head. He hadn’t expected the trickles of pleasure that poured down his spine, or the heat that had nothing to do with the hot water that pooled in his stomach and made his body react in ways he definitely didn’t want it reacting to Potter.


This was definitely an emergency. He groaned and summoned Millicent to mind, shifting his legs slightly to try and hide his little problem from Potter. The hands on his head, now busily applying conditioner went still and Draco was forced to open his eyes because not knowing why Potter had stopped was worse than knowing.

The raised eyebrow and bemused grin told Draco that he hadn’t quite managed to hide his problem as effectively at he’d hoped. He fell back on the only thing that could save him now and went straight for sarcasm.

“Don’t flatter yourself Potter,” he scoffed, “I haven’t had sex for nearly three weeks, at this point I’d probably get hard if Kreacher washed my hair.”

The hair washing resumed, which at least meant Potter wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it. “Please don’t put that image in my head Malfoy. That’s not something I want to think about.”

Draco couldn’t help the snort of laughter that came out, which seemed to surprise Potter, though Draco was just more relieved that said image had actually got rid of a lot of his problem.

“Why are you half naked Potter?” He just had to ask, even if he didn’t really want to know the answer.

“I didn’t want to get my shirt wet.” Merlin, there was a teasing note to that voice. Draco really should have been better prepared for what came next. “Why? Do you like what you see?”

“Merlin Potter,” He had to squeeze his eyes shut at that because his problem was rapidly coming back. “You know I’m gay and you’re half naked and admittedly easier on the eye than I expected. Like I said it’s been nearly three weeks. I can’t even wank. At this point my brain has no control over what my body does.”

The hair washing had stopped again. Draco risked a curious look, only to find Potter staring blankly at the wall with his hands dangling in the water as if he’d forgotten why they were there.

“I didn’t think of that,” he said dully.


“Not being able to wank. Merlin Malfoy, three weeks? Now I really do feel sorry for you.”

“Can we please stop discussing masturbation?” He was really trying to think of Millicent naked now. The problem was she kept turning into Potter who inexplicably had exactly the sort of body that Draco liked in his partners. Lean and hard with just that hint of muscular strength and those bright green eyes were quite beautiful now he came to think about it, and he really needed to stop thinking about it.

“Right sorry.” Potter went back to washing his hair and by the time he’d finished Draco had managed to wrestle his thoughts back under control enough that his problem had gone away again.


It was inevitable Draco thought that after that he was going to wake up with a problem even more embarrassing than a morning erection. The problem with orgasms in his sleep was just that. He was asleep. He couldn’t even remember what the damn dream had been about. There was nothing enjoyable about it, just a horrible wet patch on the bed and on his pyjamas.

He scrambled up and managed to get his pyjama pants down. He’d worked out how to do this by now using one foot and his toes to yank them down. When he got them off he yelled for Kreacher.

“Yes Master Draco.”

Merlin, he wished the thing wouldn’t bow to him quite so ostentatiously. Potter had told him it was because he was of the Black bloodline, but in his current state Draco just found it embarrassing.

“Clean the bed Kreacher, and these pyjamas,” he said wearily, biting his tongue so as not to actually blurt out an insult. He stalked out the door to the bathroom, not caring that he was naked because at this point Potter had seen him naked more times than Draco really cared to count. It was easy enough to piss by himself when he was naked as well, so long as he did it sitting down, and when he made his way back to the bedroom Potter was already there waiting to dress him.

Today was one of the mornings when they went through the routine in relative silence and for once Draco was glad for it. He was even more relived when it was over, because now just the feel of Potter’s hands brushing against his skin seemed to be making his whole body tingle. It wasn’t because it was Potter, he knew that, it was just because he was sexually frustrated and this was the nearest thing to anything he’d had in nearly three weeks.

Merlin, if Potter was doing this to him, he dreaded to think what someone he was actually attracted to would do.


Four more days. No more wet dreams, but no relief either. Draco thought he was very probably going mad. Even Millicent wasn’t really working anymore.

Especially not this morning. This morning he’d woken up from a dream so erotic that even Draco was surprised at himself. He’d been having a threesome – something he’d never done and actually never particularly wanted to do. This one had been with Blaise and an unidentifiable man who unfortunately had eyes very much like Potters and their attention had all been on him. It was just a shame he’d woken up before either of them had made him come.

Draco groaned and pulled his knees up to his chest. There was no way he could get up. His cock was leaking and so hard it actually hurt. He rolled over and whimpered as his cock was trapped between the mattress and his body. There was something in that he though and tried to circle his hips to get enough friction make himself come. It didn’t work. Without the use of his arms all he succeeded in doing was making himself even more desperate.


He rolled back over. This was getting fucking ridiculous. No, he thought bitterly, he wasn’t fucking anything. That was the problem.

“Draco, are you up?”


Potter had just walked in without knocking, which wasn’t unusual for the morning since he was hardly going to catch Draco naked, but Draco thought that this was probably more embarrassing. His rolling around had made the covers come off and now he was lying on his back with a very obvious tent in his pants. Potter’s eyebrows shot up into his hairline and Draco groaned, rolling over onto his side so that his back was to the other man in the hope that he would go away.

“You really need to do something about that Draco.”

Brilliant. He wasn’t going away. He was going to offer stupid, uncalled for advice.

“What exactly do you propose I do about it?” he said, letting all the bitterness he felt about this entire fucked up situation come through in his voice.

“Well obviously, you’re going to have to let me help.”

“What?!” Draco yelped and tried to sit up, but unfortunately with his arms just flapping rather uselessly against his body there was absolutely nothing he could do when Potter rolled him onto his back and carefully eased his trousers down past his aching cock.

“Potter you can’t do this!” he said frantically, his feet scrambling uselessly against the bed, especially now that his trousers were caught around his knees. If he could free them enough, he could probably kick Potter, who was now examining his cock with an evaluative gaze that for some reason was only making Draco harder.

Actually he didn’t think it was possible for him to be any harder than he was now.

“Don’t you dare touch me Potter!” he yelped as the other man reached a tentative hand towards him. It did at least make him pause, though his hand fluttered to rest on Draco’s hip and Draco wasn’t entirely sure if that made it worse or better because he wanted, needed someone to touch him there right now and Potter was the only person available, but he was Potter and the idea of Potter touching him there just didn’t bear thinking about.

“Look Malfoy.” It seemed to be a favourite phrase of his. Draco tried to look anywhere except those suddenly penetrating green eyes. “You cannot go on like this for another two months. I’m the only one here and I’ve already seen you naked. It’s really not a problem for me. You know I’m gay, I have done this to other blokes before you know.”

“I know you’re gay. Everyone knows you’re gay Potter.” He wasn’t sure why he’d latched on to that thought, but the front page of the Prophet when Potter had finally come out as gay over a year ago suddenly swam before his eyes. His cock twitched in response to the image, though for the life of him Draco didn’t know why.

Potter had obviously seen it to because with a movement so quick Draco didn’t have time to object he’d suddenly wrapped his hand around Draco’s cock and started moving.

Merlin it felt incredible.

“Fuck Potter! Fuck!” He’d intended to object, but the words seemed to have got lost on the way to his mouth and his back was arching and heat was pooling rapidly in his groin and stars were already exploding in front of his eyes.

“Fuck!” White hot pleasure seared through his body as his cock practically exploded, covering his chest and stomach in streams of creamy fluid as his back arched further and his vision darkened and for a moment he was convinced he was going to pass out, especially because Potter’s hand was still moving and his orgasm was still going and fuck he hadn’t felt anything this good in a long time.

Eventually Potter stopped and the darkness retreated and Draco found himself lying on the bed slick with sweat with come dripping down the sides of his body.

“Better?” Potter seemed almost amused by the spectacle and Draco could already feel the blush creeping over his cheeks.

“Yes,” he managed to gasp, simply because to lie at this point would have been utterly ridiculous. The man had just given him a hand job for Merlin’s sake. Admitting he felt better for it was pretty low on the list of humiliating things that could happen right now.


Draco only realised Potter had actually reached for his wand and was casting cleaning charms when he felt the mess disappear from his chest. He nodded his thanks and managed to struggle into a sitting position as Potter tucked his wand away.

“You know I’m going to have to do that again at some point don’t you?”

Fuck, Draco hadn’t actually thought of that. His cheeks burned hotter. “Shut up Potter, or I might actually think you enjoyed it.”

Merlin the way Potter tilted his head in that rather flirty manner was really not helping Draco’s sanity. “It wasn’t exactly unpleasant for me you know,” he drawled, “It’s not exactly a chore to give a decent looking bloke a hand job.”

“Are you saying you find me attractive Potter?” Merlin, his cock was actually twitching in interest again at that idea. He really was sex starved if flirting with Potter could get him going.

“Malfoy you don’t need me making your ego any bigger. You’re a smug little prat who knows he’s the most attractive bloke in the office. Don’t flatter yourself too much, the way you preen sometimes makes me sick.”

Well at least the insults had stopped his cock being interested, though Draco felt a little curl of disappointment in his stomach that he really couldn’t account for.

“Well I’m sorry you’ve had to wank a man who make you so nauseated,” he said dryly, swinging his legs out of bed, “Please don’t feel you need to do it again, I’m sure I can work something out.”

Potter only sighed at that and helped him to dress in silence. Draco was pretty sure he wasn’t imagining the slightly guilty look on the git’s face, though of course it might just have been his usual stupid expression.

Date: 2015-01-09 12:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Very satisfying chapter. ;D Nice work! I'm really liking this story and I definitely plan to keep reading.

Date: 2015-01-10 01:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you :) I hope you like the rest of it just as much!

Date: 2015-01-09 03:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, this was delightful and delicious!

Date: 2015-01-10 01:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hehe it was delightful to write as well. New chapter should be up later!

Date: 2015-01-09 01:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
that was harsh Harry! YOu deserved Draco being Snappish in the end, but I am sure they'll work something out

Date: 2015-01-10 01:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
He really did deserve it! Poor Draco. It's going to take them a while to sort this one out.

Thanks for reading and commenting :)


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