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Title: What Can I Do?
Rating: R/18
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters.
Warnings: H/D slash, very smutty
Author's Notes: Thank you to everyone who has left a comment and to everyone who is reading along in the background. Hope you're all still enjoying it!

Chapter 1 here

Chapter 6: Abstinence

The look on Potter’s face was almost one of disappointment. Almost Draco decided. From the shake of his head it was definitely more of a, ‘I know you’re going to wake me up in the night again if you keep insisting on doing this’ look. Draco tilted his head back and regarded him coolly from where he was seated on the side of the bed, firmly back in control of his body for the fourth day on the run and very definitely not about to go running into Potter’s room in the middle of the night again.

The man had even given him a bath last night and Draco suspected it had been to try and stave off any middle of the night rude awakenings, but Draco had remained strong this time. He was far too embarrassed about what had happened last time – especially about the crying – to risk a repeat of it again. He’d resorted to Millicent cavorting naked with Hagrid to get rid of that problem, but at least it had very much worked.

Long walks in the day whilst Potter was at work seemed to be helping as well.

Seemed to be. It was always his sub-conscious mind that let him down. He was dreaming now, he knew he was. There was the man with the green eyes and black hair, teasing is cock, tweaking his nipples just the way Potter had the day before. He was giving that laugh as well each time Draco’s hips jerked. That throaty laugh that Potter had given last time he’d had his hand on his cock and it was that more than anything that was driving Draco crazy. Fuck, he wanted to come already. The man lowered his mouth to his cock, practically swallowed the entire thing and then gazed up at him with those liquid green eyes.

“Fuck!” Draco wasn’t even awake yet, but he was pretty sure he’d said that out loud even in real life. The man in his dream started moving his mouth and Draco swore again. It was good, so good. He just needed to stay asleep for a little bit longer. His orgasm was so close...

“Shit!” He’d woken up again. Something was different though this time. There was a weight on his legs and a coolness around his thighs that suggested he was already naked. He prised his eyes open and saw a pair of real green eyes hovering just a few inches away from his.

“Fuck, Potter. Do something. I need to come.” He hadn’t really meant to say the words, but there was a hiss of indrawn breath and the eyes disappeared from his line of vision and then there was a hand around his cock, except it was stroking with those firm, slow strokes that just weren’t enough and weren’t right.

“Potter!” He didn’t care if he sounded whiny. His back arched and his legs scrabbled at nothing and he was fucking desperate. “Harder, Potter. Harder. Come on. Fuck. I can’t… please. Fuck.”

“I love it when you beg, Malfoy.” Shit he couldn’t even latch onto a coherent thought about how wrong it was that Potter was half growling those words to him, or how he really shouldn’t be letting the other man sit back on his heels slightly and free his own cock, which he started stroking in the same slow way as he was doing to Draco’s, clearly teasing himself.

“Come on, Malfoy, tell me what you want,” he growled, “You wake me up in the middle of the night because you’ve got some weird ideas about your own fucked up pride so you can damn well tell me what you want.”

Oh fuck. There was nothing else he could do right now.

“Oh come on, Potter.” There was that whiny tone back again, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. “You know how I want it.”

“Like this?” Shit. There it was. Fucking expert Potter.

“Fuck, yes. Fuck! Don’t stop!” The heat was pooling in his groin, he could feel his climax approaching. He was going to fall over the edge hard and fast and…


Potter had fucking stopped. Draco’s eyes flew open as Potter leant over him and now his right hand, the one that should have been on Draco’s cock was on his own and he was leaning over him on his left hand, leaving Draco hanging.

“Fuck, Draco, what have you done to me?”

“I don’t fucking care, just get your hand back on my cock right now!”


He had no idea what Potter was thinking, or even how he’d done it but the next second it was bloody obvious that he’d pressed their cocks together and was wanking them both at the same time with the same hand and what was even more obvious was that it felt too bloody amazing for anything.

“Oh fuck, Potter. Yes. Like that. Fuck. So fucking good. Fuck!”

He came, vaguely aware that Potter was coming too, but so completely consumed by the fire burning through his veins that everything else was just a distraction. Potter was still moving his hand and his body convulsed and shuddered and his hips thrust forwards without his permission and his orgasm didn’t seem to be stopping. The world darkened and his ears rang and he lost himself completely in all consuming pleasure.

“Shit.” Potter’s voice brought him back down to reality with a bump, especially when a moment later Potter’s arm seemed to give out and he collapsed down on top of Draco in a mess of sticky fluids that felt completely disgusting sandwiched between their chests.

“Ugh, Potter, get off me.” Of course he had no way to shove him off, and without the leverage of his arms Potter was too heavy for Draco to roll him off, so he was forced to lay there as Potter panted and sweated on top of him and the whole thing was generally disgusting. “What the hell was all that about anyway?”

“Fuck, Draco.” Since when did Potter call him Draco? “Look I’m sorry, but you’ve got to stop waking me in the night if you don’t want things like this to happen. You’re too damn hot when you’re like this.”

“So you’re saying it’s my fault you can’t control yourself?”

“Yes!” Potter shot upright at that, much to Draco’s relief and a moment later that relief increased as he felt the cleaning spell take effect. “Look, Draco. Everything was fine when you just gave into your urges like a normal person. If you don’t want me jumping on top of you like this just let’s go back to doing it in the mornings. There’s nothing wrong with it. I don’t know why you’ve suddenly got it into your head that it’s a bad thing.”

“I thought maybe everyday was a bit too often.” Draco tried his best to look superior as he said that, but he wasn’t sure he did a very good job.

“Yes.” Potter actually bit his lip once he’d said that. “I mean, only because you seem to have better orgasms when you don’t do it everyday,” he said, making Draco gape at him in what he knew was a very stupid way, “I wank all the damn time. Too much. Especially since you started doing this.”

“Doing what?” It was something of a revelation that Potter was admitting to wanking too much. It was something he was definitely going to have to think about later.

“This!” He gestured as if it made things obvious. “Waking me up in the night and begging me for relief. It’s hot, Draco. I keep telling you. I might not particularly like you and to be honest I think you’re a bit mental but you’re sexy as hell when you do this, Draco. You need to stop it.”

“Fine. Whatever.” Draco wasn’t sure why this little speech was upsetting him, but it was. “We’ll just do it in the morning then, if I’m hard.”

“Fine. Good.” To his relief Potter was climbing off him and pulling the covers up around him. He wanted to cry again and that really was ridiculous. He lasted until Potter had left the room and then caved in again, crying himself to sleep and not even really knowing why he was doing it.


He had to keep his word, if only because Potter glared at him fiercely on the mornings when he tried to control his body and he wasn’t hard. Not that Potter was doing it everyday anyway. Every other day seemed to be his limit. Draco wasn’t exactly happy, but it kept his body sated and he didn’t have any more dreams about the man with green eyes.

He didn’t go down and speak to Potter in the evenings anymore either. He didn’t particularly want to speak to someone who thought he was a bit mental. Loneliness started to eat away at him. There wasn’t even research to distract him. Everyone seemed to have given up. He was halfway through the time the Healers had said it would take for the curse to wear off and even Draco had to concede there was little point anymore.

Life was shit.

Also Potter was home early.

“I’m going away.”

Unable to contain his curiosity Draco had gone to Potter’s room to find him throwing clothes into a suitcase without even bothering to fold them. If he could have felt them Draco was sure his hands would be itching with the urge to take them out and pack them properly. As it was he could only watch in dismay as Potter carried on regardless.

“How long for?” he asked dully, when it was clear more information wasn’t forthcoming.

“Just until Friday. There’s a case we’re working on. We’ll be in Bulgaria.”

“Who’s going to look after me?” The thought occurred to Draco that with Potter gone there would be no one except Kreacher to dress him.

“Kreacher of course.”

“What about…?” he left that one hanging and Potter raised an eyebrow.

“You’ve gone five days before,” he said, “I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

Draco resisted the urge to say that since Potter hadn’t done anything to him this morning it would actually be six days, but felt that might sound a bit too needy.

“Who will I talk to?” Well if he’d been going for not needy that had definitely blown it.

“Malfoy, you’ve barely spoken to me for nearly two weeks,” Potter said, straightening out to glare at him, “I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

“You said I was mental.” It had come out as a mumble. He hadn’t really meant to say it at all.

“What?” Potter looked frankly horrified, though whether it was at Draco or at the situation Draco had no idea.

He attempted to straighten himself up and fix Potter with an imperious gaze. “You said I was mental. I assumed you didn’t want to speak to me.”

“Bloody hell, Malfoy.”

Suddenly Potter was very close. So close that Draco found himself forced to back up until he hit the wall, just to stop Potter invading his personal space. It didn’t work. Potter was peering into his eyes as if he was expecting to actually see things written there in tiny writing that he had to get up close to read.

“You are a bit mental, Malfoy,” he said, as if this were obvious, “It doesn’t mean I don’t want to speak to you.”

“You said you didn’t like me!” If his voice was high and frantic sounding, it was hardly his fault. Potter was being a bloody git again with these ridiculous games.

“I don’t dislike you either, Malfoy. And I’ve had my hand on your cock, talking to you is hardly going to be a problem is it?”

Draco just stared at him. This was just too weird to be happening.

“Bloody hell, Malfoy.”

“You said that once already. What are you doing!?” The last bit was because Potter was suddenly working at the fastenings on his trousers and his treacherous cock, which hadn’t had any relief this morning, was already responding with interested little twitches.

“I’m giving you something to help you last until I get back.”

“What?!” Merlin he was squeaking again and Potter raised an eyebrow as he knelt down in front of him. This really was too weird to be happening. He was still only half hard when Potter suddenly wrapped his lips around his cock and sucked him in to his mouth.


He could feel his cock growing inside Potter’s warm, wet mouth until it really was too big to fit and Potter was forced to pull his lips away with a soft hum of contentment and resort to licking and caressing it to full hardness.

Draco felt he really should be raising some sort of objection to the fact that Potter seemed to think it was perfectly fine to put his mouth all over his cock, but he found that he really couldn’t come up with anything coherent so instead he leant his head back on the wall and wished his hands weren’t so bloody useless because they’d look really good right now in Potter’s hair.


Potter had swallowed his cock down as far as he could get it and Draco looked down to see liquid green eyes staring up at him. Bloody hell. He’d been dreaming about Potter giving him a blowjob like this for weeks. It was only now it was actually happening that he could admit to himself that the green-eyed man wasn’t just like Potter, he was Potter. This was his dream. Except this was better than his dream.

“Fuck, Potter,” he said quietly and let his head tip back against the wall as Potter started working his mouth up and down his cock, slowly at first and then harder and faster, holding Draco hips against the wall with strong hands until Draco knew he couldn’t possibly take anymore and he came into Potter’s mouth. He probably should have warned him, but it seemed Potter didn’t care because he drank it down and sucked and licked until Draco whimpered and he let go.

It was only when Potter let out his own whimper that Draco bothered to open his eyes and look down, just in time to see Potter tugging hard on his own cock which almost immediately let out a stream of sticky white fluid as Potter gave a strangled cry of pleasure.

Draco waited a few moments before he felt able to drawl, “You can’t say that was because I was begging for anything.”

Potter groaned and tipped forward until his head was resting on Draco’s stomach. He shook his head and pulled out his wand to spell them both clean before he pulled up their trousers. He obviously didn’t want Draco to say anything else about it and Draco felt inclined to oblige. It had been a very good blowjob after all.

“Look, Draco, just look after yourself until I get back, ok? Ron or Peterson will come and check on you each day.” Potter was on his feet now, spelling his suitcase closed and refusing to meet his eyes. “I’ll see you when I get back.”

There was a split second where Draco was pretty sure Potter was about to kiss him, but then the moment passed and Potter was gone.

Draco couldn’t help the vague feeling of disappointment as he went through to his bedroom and lay down on the bed. It was going to be a long five days.
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