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Title: What Can I Do?
Rating: R/18
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters.
Warnings: H/D slash, very smutty
Author's Notes: This is a much longer chapter this time, since the last two were so short. Thank you again to everyone who has left a comment!

Chapter 1 here

Chapter 8: Desperation

“What the hell, Potter?!”

It was the middle of the night. Potter had only been back three days and Draco had managed to successfully ignore him for most of that time. It hadn’t escaped his notice that Potter seemed to be having more trouble ignoring him. The very obvious bulges that had started appearing in Potter’s pants every time Draco was naked had been evidence enough.

Apparently though Potter was sick of playing games because he was on top of Draco right now, very much naked and apparently he’d managed to get Draco’s pants down as well before he’d woken up.

“Look, Malfoy, I don’t know what your game is, but I’m fucking sick of it. I’m sorry I left you for so long. If you must know it wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs for me either. I have wanked myself stupid over you. Do you realise that?”

Well, this was interesting. Potter was leaning over him, green eyes mere inches from his own, glaring at him with a fierce intensity that threatened to take Draco’s breath away. It didn’t help that he was having to bite back a whimper of longing every time their cocks rubbed together. He was already hard.

“You’re in my fucking head, Malfoy. You and your cock and the way you beg me to make you come. Do you even realise how hot you are, Malfoy? What the fuck am I supposed to do? I’ve missed you.”

His voice had softened on those last words and Draco finally let out the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding.

“I’ve missed you, Draco, and I’m going to kiss you unless you object right now.”

Draco couldn’t protest. He couldn’t seem to catch his breath and his heart was pounding in his ears and his throat was so tight he thought he might never speak again. Harry lowered his lips until they were just touching his own.

“Last chance,” he whispered. Draco found that he didn’t really want to object now, even if he had been able to. Harry’s lips met his and Draco tilted his head, moaning into Harry’s mouth and feeling a thrill of delight as Harry moaned back and kissed him gently.

His lips were soft, softer than Draco had been expecting, far warmer than Draco’s own as well. And Merlin the man knew how to kiss. Draco vaguely wondered how much practise he’d had and then decided he really didn’t care. Harry’s tongue swiped along his lower lip and without even thinking about it Draco allowed him entry. Their tongues swirled and danced and Draco groaned and thrust his hips upwards trying to encourage Harry to start moving.

“Fuck, Draco.” Harry had pulled away and Draco very nearly whimpered again at the loss of his lips, but he caught himself just in time and instead managed to look up at him steadily and thrust again. “I’ve missed you, Draco. I’ve missed this.”

He was kissing him again then, so hard it almost hurt and there was heat and wetness and Harry’s tongue in his mouth and Draco couldn’t catch his breath again but he didn’t really care about that. Who needed to breathe anyway? Harry was moving his hips, grinding their erections together and for once Draco didn’t need to tell him to do it harder or faster because it already was hard and fast and frantic and there was so much fucking friction that Draco though he was going to explode.

With a strangled cry Harry pulled away from his mouth and somehow one hand had found its way into Draco’s hair, tugging on the silky strands just hard enough to feel good. The other hand was gripping his arse now, pulling it closer, holding him steady as they both worked their hips and panted into each other’s mouths until with another strangled cry Harry came and the look in his eyes sent Draco crashing over the edge. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through his veins and he kept grinding, pushing his cock through the mess of come that was coving their stomachs, eking out his orgasm for just that little bit longer.

Only when Potter collapsed against his chest completely spent did Draco stop and try to blink away the lights flashing in front of his eyes.

“Fucking hell.” Potter muttered. He seemed to be trying to get up, but Draco found he really didn’t mind him lying on his chest so much this time.

“So eloquent,” he drawled, although there was no malice behind his words this time. “Going to tell me what that was all about then, Potter?”



Potter had managed to struggle back upright and his cleaning charm was very welcome.

“What I mean, Malfoy, is that this is about sex. You need me and the idea that you need me is hot. It turns me on. You’re an annoying git, but you’re hot as hell, so we’re going to do this. You’re going to stop playing games and we’re just going to do this until things go back to normal. Ok?”

“Oh.” Well that was unexpected. Draco wasn’t actually entirely sure what he was expecting, but it hadn’t been that. “Right.” Well it made sense he supposed. He’d probably be turned on if he had someone as hot as him needing his help like this. Of course Potter was going to find him attractive. Of course he wanted to use Draco’s body for his own pleasure. Poor git had probably never had anyone as attractive as Draco to lust over before.

“Fine,” he said in the end, “We’ll do this then. But only when I’m horny. I don’t need you jumping me every five seconds Potter. It’s not my fault you can’t get sex elsewhere.”

That was definitely worth it. Just to see the way Potter stood there opening and shutting his mouth like a goldfish. “Fuck you, Malfoy, I can get plenty of sex!”

“Oh yes, sorry I forgot. You’re the Chosen One. I bet people are just lining up to have sex with you.”

Apparently that was quite close to the truth, at least judging by the way Potter reddened and looked at the floor.

“Hero worship, Malfoy” he muttered, spitting the words out as if they tasted bad, “I’m not into casual sex with people who don’t even know me.”

Draco couldn’t help arching an eyebrow at that. “What’s this if it isn’t casual sex, Potter?”

Merlin, how could one person blush that much? It was actually quite endearing. “It is, but it’s different, Malfoy, and you know it, you need me and at least you know who I really am.”

“Yep, an annoying little git who can’t keep his cock in his pants.” Well, Potter had walked right into that one, it would almost have been a crime not to follow up on it. “And I’m certainly not about to start hero worshiping you, Potter.”

For some reason that made the little git grin and rub his hand through his hair as if he was quite pleased despite the insult. “Most of the time,” he said cryptically and pulled up the covers over Draco and left the room before he could even ask what the hell Potter was talking about now.


It was almost pitiful the way Potter was giving him such petulant looks whenever he came into his room in the morning and Draco wasn’t hard. In four days he’d only had one mutual wanking session with Potter and Draco was actually quite proud. Genuinely proud this time because he had started to see some value in what Potter had said a few weeks ago. He did have better orgasms when he didn’t have one everyday.

It was a shame Potter didn’t actually seem to be enjoying taking his own advice.

Last night Potter had given him a shower. Not a bath this time, an actual proper shower, which had been more blissful than Draco could ever have imagined. He hadn’t realised quite how much he missed showers until he’d stood under one with the water running over his body, feeling as if it was washing away a layer of grime he hadn’t been aware of and which was probably only there in his imagination.

It had been so good in fact that even when Potter had stripped to his boxers and got in with him and given him a proper wash from head to toe he hadn’t had too much of reaction. It had simply felt too good to be properly scrubbed with soap rather than cleaning charms for him to even contemplate anything sexual in the situation.

Potter obviously hadn’t had that distraction though and afterwards Draco had pretended he hadn’t noticed the ridiculously large tent Potter had been sporting in his boxers.

“You know you’re a little git, right?”

Merlin, what the hell was Potter doing in his room so early? Draco’s eyes flew open and the first thing they saw was said boxers with a very obvious erection straining to get out. That made his already hard cock twitch more than it really should when he was well aware that the cock belonged to Potter of all people. He slid his eyes up to the man’s face, just to make sure, and yep… definitely Potter. He looked pissed. Pissed and horny.

“Do you have any idea just how much giving you a shower turned me on, Malfoy?” he groaned, already clambering onto the bed and starting to remove Draco’s trousers, “And you didn’t even react. You little git.”

Draco was finding it hard to protest at Potter’s behaviour right now because the man had already wrapped his hand around his cock and was wanking him slowly and teasingly. It was all Draco could do not to whimper with need. Merlin, he couldn’t wait until this was over and he could stop acting like some sex-starved idiot around Potter. One good fuck with someone else and he was pretty sure he wouldn’t ever want to feel Potter’s hand on his cock again. The fact that he wanted it right now was completely irrelevant.

“You’ve got a very nice cock, Malfoy.” Draco’s hips bucked slightly at that. Potter was running his thumb, over the head and looking at it speculatively, watching the little beads of pre-come form at the tip. “Do you know what I’d like to do to you, Malfoy?”

He’d released Draco’s cock and suddenly he was there, leaning over Draco so far that he could no longer see his face. Their bodies weren’t pressed together yet, but they very nearly were and Draco could feel Potter’s warm breath ghosting over his ear.

“I bet you’re good to fuck, Malfoy.” Potter’s voice was low and throaty and because he had full use of his arms he’d somehow managed to balance himself on one elbow and the other hand was running up the side of Draco’s body, tracing a shuddering trail of warmth from his hip to his shoulder.

Draco shivered and then tried to pretend he hadn’t. “I don’t bottom, Potter.”

“Really?” Merlin, the git sounded more intrigued than anything now. The husky tone had been replaced by one of curiosity. “Why not?”

“None of your business, Potter!” At least the change in tone had meant he’d managed to get himself more under control. What the hell was Potter playing at asking him such intimate questions anyway?

“Maybe not, but I’d still like to know.” He’d accompanied the words with a roll of his hips that sent a spike of pleasure up Draco’s spine. He suppressed a groan.

“I just don’t, Potter, okay?” Merlin, the man was doing that thing with his hips again and Draco was having to bite his tongue to stop himself from begging him to just get on with it. The tongue Potter was flicking over his ear really wasn’t helping.

“Tell me why you don’t like it and I’ll make you come, Draco.” That husky tone was back again. It really wasn’t helping Draco’s state of mind.

“Fuck off, Potter!”


Merlin the man was actually climbing off his lap and for once Draco was glad his arms weren’t working, because if they were he’d definitely have made a fool of himself by dragging Potter back and making himself look far too needy for words. Instead he swirled his tongue around his mouth trying to work up enough moisture to actually get some words out and said, “Why don’t you like it?”

At least it stopped Potter getting off. He settled back down on Draco’s thighs and gave him an odd look. “I never said I didn’t like it.”

“You just said you wanted to fuck me, Potter,” Draco said desperately, “That implies you don’t want to bottom either.”

Potter chuckled. The git was laughing at him! He was also lowering himself back down though and his lips were next to Draco’s ear again. He could feel the little huffs of air tickling the hairs on the back of his neck.

“I would like to fuck you, Malfoy, but I’ve no objection to being a bottom with the right person. Why don’t you like it?”

“I just don’t, Potter! Why does there have to be a reason?” He was squirming now, trying to find some way to thrust his hips upwards into Potter’s because he could damn well feel the other man’s cock rubbing lightly against his and it was driving him bloody crazy. How was Potter holding back?

“It’s uncomfortable if you must know,” he blurted out finally, when it was clear his efforts were failing and he strongly suspected that Potter was grinning in amusement against his ear, “I have no idea why anyone would want a cock up their arse. There’s nothing nice about it!”

“Hmm.” Merlin, since when had Potter turned into a bloody therapist? “But surely other men like having your cock in their arse? They obviously find it pleasant. There must be something nice about it.”

“That’s because I’m good at sex, Potter.” At least he could be smug about that. He knew it was true. Blaise kept coming back for more, and some of the other men he’d fucked did too, at least when he deemed them good enough to be allowed back.

“How many times have you tried it?”

Okay this was getting really annoying now. Potter had actually sat up, apparently not at all bothered about the fact that his cock was still erect and leaking pre-come, now apparently he was much more interested in Draco’s sexual habits.


Draco actually thought about that for a moment and then came to what he realised was a very obvious conclusion. Potter didn’t have anyone else to talk about this with. That had to be it. Draco mentally ran through a list of Potter’s friends and realised that none of them were gay. No straight man was going to want to talk about this to him and Draco suspected Potter found the idea of talking about sex with Granger as off-putting as Draco did, if for slightly different reasons. Nope, Draco was Potter’s only option.

The idea made him feel better and he decided he might as well indulge him.

“Maybe twice,” he said, tilting his head to one side as Potter frowned down at him.

“Twice is hardly a fair trial, Draco.”

“It was quite enough for me thank you. I didn’t like it.”

“Don’t you ever stick your own finger up your arse when you’re… you know.”

Oh Merlin, now even Potter was looking embarrassed about this. The only consolation was that if Potter was embarrassed then somehow that made Draco feel better. He resisted the urge to blush, tilted his head back slightly so he was looking down his nose at Potter and said, “My masturbation habits are none of your business, Potter, but if you really must know then I have once or twice. Just not very far.”

“So what your problem really is, is that no one’s ever found your prostate.”

“If you say so, Potter.”

“I do say so.” Draco wasn’t at all sure he liked the way Potter’s eyes flashed as he said that, nor the way he tipped himself down so that he was once again hanging over Draco. What he did like however was the way Potter started thrusting slowly with his hips, rubbing their naked cocks together in a way that sent little spirals of pleasure racing through his body.

“If someone had found your prostate, Malfoy, then you wouldn’t be so dismissive about having a cock up your arse.”

There wasn’t really anything to say to that Draco thought, so he simply shrugged and let his eyes drop closed, enjoying the sensations building in his groin that would eventually lead to his release. It seemed Potter was happy to do the same, because he grunted and dropped down onto his elbows, increasing the pressure and the rhythm, eliciting little moans of pleasure from them both.

“Fuck, Draco, you feel so good.”

If he felt that good then why the fuck was Potter stopping and sitting up and looking at him with that expression on his face?

Potter…” It sounded whiny, but seriously, Draco was not happy about being left hanging.

“You aren’t the only one who’s good at sex, Malfoy.” Potter was reaching for his wand and Draco couldn’t really imagine why. He wriggled his hips impatiently and squeezed his eyes closed. “I’m going to find your prostate now.”


Draco’s eyes flew open. “You’re not touching my arse, Potter!” Thank Merlin his legs were still working, he clamped his thighs together and glared at Potter, who seemed to have cast some sort of lubrication spell judging by the way his fingers were glistening in the dim light of the lamps.

“Yes I am, Draco, come on.” The hand that was free of lube was trying to prise his thighs open, but Draco clamped harder and shook his head. Potter ceased his efforts and instead regarded him with a half amused look, head tilted to one side. “Scared, Malfoy?”

“Fuck off, Potter!”

“You are scared. Scared to have a little finger up your arse. Who would have thought you’d be scared of something like that?”

“I’m not scared, Potter,” he spat, annoyed that Potter had managed to find the one argument that would probably make him give in. Annoyed and half impressed. Since when had Potter been so manipulative?

“Prove it.”

Draco sighed. “Fine, Potter, but I’m not going to enjoy it.”

“Fine, if it hurts you can tell me to stop.”

Reluctantly Draco let his legs fall open, narrowing his eyes at Potter in a glare he was sure would let the other man know exactly what he thought of this. He was certainly not going to enjoy this.

Not that it hurt. Potter worked his finger gently over his hole, stroking his penis lightly with the other hand until Draco couldn’t help but relax and allow Potter to push past the tight ring of muscle to get inside. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but once Potter was in Draco realised it wasn’t exactly terrible either. It was pretty much like the times he’d done this with his own finger, except that Potter could obviously get his further.

He was doing that now, pushing in so far that Draco gasped and Potter stopped, eyeing him in concern.

“Ok?” he asked, and Draco nodded, because he wasn’t going to have Potter thinking he couldn’t cope with something so basic as having a single finger inside him. Potter nodded and resumed pushing, until his entire finger was buried inside and he started wriggling it around, a speculative look on his face as if he was expecting to find something hidden in there.

Draco wrinkled his nose at that thought and almost missed it when Potter said, “Knees up, Malfoy.” It was probably that lack of attention which made him obey before he’d even thought about the fact that this was Potter he was obeying without even bothering to ask him why he’d given the instruction in the first place.

More wriggling and then the finger withdrew part way and Draco sighed with relief, thinking that Potter was giving up, right up until the point when he realised that no, actually, Potter wasn’t giving up because this was Potter and he was nothing if not stubborn and what he was actually doing was adding a second finger and shoving – hard and deep.

“What the hell are you playing at…? Fuck!” Draco’s hips bucked involuntarily and Potter pushed again, setting off the explosion of pleasure as he touched something inside that Draco hadn’t even known was there. “Fuck, Potter!”

Oh Merlin, he hated that smug, self-satisfied grin on Potter’s face, but he really couldn’t hate what Potter was doing with his fingers and the only solution to that was to shut his eyes and pretend that it wasn’t Potter doing this. It wasn’t Potter making his body writhe and lights dance before his eyes.

“Fuck,” he whimpered as Potter hit the spot again. Merlin, this was better than anything he had ever imagined. How had no one done this to him before?

“I told you, Malfoy.” Potter’s voice had gone husky again and Draco whimpered again, this time because the fingers had abandoned his arse and wrapped around his cock instead, which was good, but not as good. “I’m not doing that again until you ask me to, Malfoy,” he growled, lowering his lips back to Draco’s ear and removing his hand from Draco’s cock so he could thrust their hips together again.

“Fuck, Potter!” With the pleasure still coursing through his veins Draco really couldn’t have cared less right now what Potter did to get him off, but the tiny part of his sanity that remained refused to allow him to beg Potter to put his fingers back, which was what he really wanted right now.

“Well, Malfoy? What do you want?” Damn that husky growl, which very nearly pushed him over the edge. He wasn’t going to beg for that, but he wasn’t above begging for something else right now.

“Shut it, Potter. Make me come already.”

“Like this?” Another thrust of the hips. Draco was too far gone now to really care.

“Fuck yes. Harder.” There was a grunt, which might have been frustration or might have been pleasure and then Potter really did start moving, thrusting and grinding and pushing until Draco was nearly mindless with sheer ecstasy and he was vaguely aware that those fingers up his arse had made this even better than usual.

“Fuck, Potter. I need to come. Like that. Yes. So good, Potter.” He wasn’t even aware of what he was saying anymore. There was heat pooling in his groin and the satisfying hardness of Harry’s cock rubbing against his and it was all too fucking good. “Oh fuck! Harry, fuck!”

Whether it was his use of Harry’s first name, or whether it was just because it was time Harry came with a surprised yell that registered vaguely in Draco’s brain as it being the former and that thought sent him over the edge as well, swearing and writhing and loving the fact that Harry kept grinding through his own orgasm making it last long enough that Draco thought he was losing his mind.

“Fucking hell, Draco.” Harry dropped down onto his chest, head buried in his shoulder and breath coming in quick little pants that made Draco wonder if the man was actually hyperventilating when he came down from his own pleasure enough to have a coherent thought.

“I meant what I said you know.” Ok so he wasn’t hyperventilating, but he was still pressed against Draco’s chest and he thought he really should be more bothered that this meant there was a horrible layer of come spread across their chests and stomachs, but right now Draco really couldn’t bring himself to worry about that at all.

“What about?” he said vaguely, wishing that he could run a hand through that ridiculously scruffy mop Harry called his hair.

Harry sat up, something which disappointed Draco and left him feeling distinctly colder than before. About sticking my fingers up your arse. I know you enjoyed it and I’m not doing it again until you beg me for it.”

“Fuck off, Potter!”

The smugly satisfied grin on the git’s face really irritated Draco and he scowled darkly. Yes, he’d enjoyed it, but really it hadn’t been that good had it? His treacherous sub-conscious said that yes, it had, but luckily the curse hadn’t damaged his sanity and Draco vowed that he was going to wait until he had a much more suitable sexual partner than Potter to explore that any further.

He scowled again as he felt the cleaning charm take effect and then found himself looking at Potter curiously as the other man sighed and then rubbed his face with his hands.

“Look, Malfoy, I’m sorry ok? I’d have thought you’d have been happy about the fact that I so obviously can’t resist you.”

“You thought I’d be happy that I was having to fuck a bloke I don’t even like?” Incredulousness had replaced annoyance now. How the hell did Potter’s friends cope with all these sudden changes in mood? Draco realised he had a newfound respect for Granger and the Weasel – they’d have to be pretty patient to put up with shit like this.

Another sigh. “All right, wrong word. Not happy, smug, I guess.”

He couldn’t help the snort of laughter he gave at that, though he tried to look like he hadn’t done it afterwards. “Well, it’s only to be expected, Potter, I am irresistible after all,” he drawled, feeling much better about the situation now he was back in control, “Now are you going to get me dressed?”

He was and he did. Draco was somewhat relieved.
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