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Title: What Can I Do?
Rating: R/18
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters.
Warnings: H/D slash, very smutty
Author's Notes: So this chapter is basically just filthy smut (hence the title), I can't believe I wrote it, but it's here so it's staying! I think this was the part I was writing when I originally started posting this fic (probably why I called it PWP, this bit actually is!)
There's plenty of other interaction coming up though. They just need to realise it's about more than sex ;) (Either that or I just really needed to get my mind out of the gutter!)

Chapter 1 here

Chapter 10: Switching

“It’s becoming a bad habit of yours to pass out after sex.” There was teasing voice on the edge of his consciousness. Draco cracked an eye open and saw that Harry was grinning down at him from the edge of the bed.

He tried to say something coherent, but it got lost on the way to his mouth and came out as a stupid mumble. For some reason Harry moaned in the same way he had done when Draco had licked his cock and Draco found his eyes flicking down to the man’s crotch, wondering vaguely if he was wanking.

Of course he wasn’t. Draco flicked his eyes back up to Harry’s face again and frowned in puzzlement.

“Does that mean I can do it again sometime?” Harry asked, not looking in the slightest bit like he’d just let out a moan of arousal at nothing. Draco wondered if he’d imagined it.

“Fuck yes,” he mumbled, still slightly confused and trying to put his thoughts back in order. Harry had had his cock up his arse and it had been so good he’d actually passed out? Well fuck, Draco thought, he’d have laughed at anyone who’d suggested that would ever happen a few months ago. Now it most definitely had.

“Merlin, if it’s that good with you imagine how good it’ll be with someone I actually want to sleep with,” he muttered, fixing his eyes on the ceiling and trying not to see Harry’s vaguely disappointed look. He wondered why Harry would be disappointed, and then decided that his arse was probably the best Harry had ever had. Of course he’d be disappointed that it was going to go away soon.

“Well, you’ve got to put up with me for a while yet.” Harry had rallied quite well, Draco could give him that. “Think you can cope?”

He could be generous as well. After all, the man had introduced him to the joys of a whole new type of sex. “I think I can cope, so long as you do that again sometime soon.”

There was a chuckle and Draco risked a look this time. Harry’s eyes were sparkling in a way that was actually quite attractive. “You might not be saying that when you wake up sore tomorrow,” he said lightly, “See you in the morning.”

He was gone before Draco had time to ask exactly how sore he was going to be, and Draco decided that it was a problem that could wait until tomorrow. Sleep came easily and he didn’t wake up till morning.


He was sore the next day, Harry was right, but Harry also had some salve that Draco eventually consented to let him apply which as Harry had said immediately soothed away most of the soreness. With that gone Draco decided that there was a lot to be said for being the bottom in a relationship. Not that he ever would be. His arse was definitely not for just anyone to play with, he was still going to be picky about who he let in there.

The fact that he’d almost certainly let Harry have another go was an ok thought he decided because Harry was the only option right now. Once there were other options he wouldn’t be letting the Chosen One anywhere near his arse ever again.

That was to worry about later though. What he needed to worry about right now was the fact that he was naked in the shower and Harry was standing behind him washing his back, wearing only his boxers and trying not to actually step too far under the water. Draco supposed this was to try and make it seem less like they were in the shower together, but frankly Draco was past caring about that if it meant he got to stand under the water and feel properly clean again.

What he hadn’t counted on though was Harry working his way slowly and methodically around his body until he was kneeling in front of him, rinsing the soap from his legs. At least he had been doing, now he was instead looking with interest at Draco’s cock, which unfortunately was already hard.

“Look, Potter, before you say anything we’ve been through this before. I’m gay, you’ve got your hands all over me, of course I’m going to react like this.”

There was a chuckle. “Actually, Draco, I was just going to say that you really do have a magnificent cock.”

It was an odd compliment, but Draco was only too pleased to accept it. Of course it was magnificent; everything about him was magnificent. He tossed his head back haughtily and closed his eyes, which unfortunately meant he yelped in surprise when a moment later he felt Harry’s tongue lick quickly up the length of his cock.

“What the fuck, Potter?” he spluttered, jumping back in alarm and then looking rather foolish when he almost slipped on the wet tiles. Harry was on his feet and had caught him before he could hit the shower wall and very probably slide down it to an ungainly sprawl on the floor, but unfortunately that meant that Harry now had his arms around him and was pulling him flush against his body.

“I want that cock up my arse, Draco,” he hissed into his ear, and Draco wondered vaguely how he’d failed to notice the huge bulge in Harry’s boxers until it was pressed against him. Harry ground against him, forcing his back into the cold tiles of the wall which made him growl in annoyance.

“That’s cold, Potter!” he hissed, trying to shove back, but actually only succeeding in thrusting their crotches together again. Luckily Harry wasn’t the all-sacrificing Chosen One for nothing. He flipped them around, putting his own back against the wall and gripped Draco’s arse tightly as he ground their crotches together, working his own hips hard against Draco’s. He couldn’t help but groan then, the perfect friction created by the wet material of Harry’s boxers was sending shudders of pleasure through his body.

“You’re so hard, Draco.” Harry’s voice was hissing in his ear again, his hot breath contrasting with the cooling water on his skin. “Don’t you want to fuck me?”

Fucking hell. All Draco could do was groan stupidly into Harry’s hair and hope that the other man was willing to follow through on his words.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Merlin, he wasn’t supposed to be reacting to Harry this way, but the way Harry looked at him, when he pulled back, those liquid green eyes burning with intensity and desire, Draco decided that no one could help reacting the way he was. He allowed himself to be pulled from the shower, spelled dry and dragged to the bed without too much in the way of complaining. There was no point complaining anyway, because when he did Harry just looked at him with an indulgent gaze that made Draco feel as if he was Harry’s favourite pet, and that was a feeling he didn’t like at all.

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy this,” Harry hissed, when Draco found that he was flat on his back on the bed with Harry straddling his legs and leaning down so far Draco was surprised he hadn’t snapped in two. There was a moment of hot breath on his skin and then Harry sucked the head of his cock into his mouth and Draco bucked his hips and whimpered before he managed to get his reactions under control.

Oh Merlin he was good at this. Too good. Draco wondered exactly how many people the Chosen One must have sucked off to get this good at it and then decided that he really didn’t want to think about that whilst Harry had his mouth on his cock. His tongue swirled around the tip and then his head dipped and the tongue was gliding down the shaft, eliciting a moan of appreciation from Draco.

He licked the whole thing thoroughly as if it was some sort of fucking lollipop and then when Draco thought he probably couldn’t take any more of this teasing wrapped his lips around the end and swallowed most of his length in one, smooth motion.

“Fuck, Potter!” Draco hadn’t been able to help the jerk of his hips and though Harry had gagged, sending stars dancing in front of Draco’s eyes, he hadn’t let go and now he was sucking so hard Draco knew he wasn’t going to last. “Fuck, Potter. Stop. Harry, stop! Fuck!” Harry finally pulled away and gave Draco a look which suggested he knew exactly what he’d been doing. “I thought you wanted my cock in your arse, Potter,” he managed to say eventually, when he thought he’d calmed down enough to actually speak.

“Oh, I do,” Harry replied, reaching for his wand and casting a lubrication spell both on Draco’s cock and on his own fingers. A moment later Draco found himself licking his suddenly dry lips as he watched Harry push two fingers into his own arsehole, not even bothering to mess about with one.

He watched and watched, unable to tear his eyes away, completely transfixed by the sight of Harry, eyes closed, pushing his fingers into his arse with one hand and slowly stroking his cock with the other. Only when it became too much and he groaned, shifting impatiently, did Harry open his eyes and look at him.

“Feels good, Draco,” he groaned, withdrawing his fingers and positioning himself over Draco’s painful, leaking erection. “This is gonna feel better.”

“Fuck! Fuck!” It seemed to be all Draco was capable of saying as Harry lowered himself down, wriggling slightly to help his muscles relax as he swallowed Draco’s cock with his arse. “FUCK!”

It had been too long since he’d had his cock in someone’s arse for Draco to react any other way. There was heat and tightness – Harry’s arse was gripping him so hard he half wondered how he was going to fit all the way in and for a moment when Harry stopped he feared he wouldn’t, but then Harry grunted, shifted and suddenly Draco was completely buried inside him, wishing he could twist his hands in the sheets and instead settling for turning his head to the side and arching his neck, letting his mouth fall open in a soundless groan.

“Merlin Draco, you’re so big.”

The sheer surprise in Harry’s voice made Draco snap his mouth shut and turn to look at him in wonder, just in time to see Harry close his eyes and start to ride him, working his hips slowly up and down, easing Draco’s cock in and out of his hole in a steady rhythm.

“Wow, Draco.”

Draco wished he could respond with some witty comment about how he was probably the best Harry had ever had, but quite frankly he was putting all his effort into not exploding. He was not going to embarrass himself by coming the second his cock was in Harry’s arse.

Harry shifted position and pushed down again a little harder, this time letting out a quiet yelp of satisfaction. “Yes, right there,” he hissed, almost as if it was Draco who had initiated the change, rather than it being self-induced. “Fuck, Draco.”

He was moving faster and harder now, at least as fast and hard as he could when he was balanced so precariously, and Draco really thought he was going to embarrass himself in a minute if Harry didn’t stop.

“Oh fuck!” This was really not good. “Fuck, Harry!”

And Harry stopped, leaving Draco to thrash his legs and twist his head and curse under his breath because he had been so close and mostly he had just wanted Harry to carry on. When he finally opened his eyes Harry’s grin was far too knowing for his liking and a second later Harry twisted a little and then there was a pressure on the base of his cock and another hand tugging lightly at his balls, easing him just a little further away from the edge.

“I’m not done with you yet, Draco.”

Fucking hell, why was he always letting Potter take control like this? The whole curse thing was obviously affecting him more than he realised.

“Move, Potter, come on. Ride me.” Yep, it was definitely the curse making him act this way. He’d never begged anyone for anything during sex before. Draco did not beg.

Harry grinned, and reached for his wand. He muttered something Draco couldn’t hear and then bizarrely a bar appeared above his head, firmly attached to the wooden canopy of the bed above. Harry tossed his wand aside then reached up to grab at the bar and Draco understood. Without Draco’s hands to steady his hips and help his rhythm he needed something else and this was the solution he’d gone for.

A fucking good solution Draco thought as Harry raised himself up using the bar and then slammed his arse back down onto Draco’s hips.

“Shit!” Draco bucked his hips up to meet the thrust and for a split second thought he was going to pass out with sheer pleasure even before he’d climaxed. This was too fucking good to be real.

“Oh yes, Draco,” Harry hissed, repeating the action and causing Draco to see stars. “Fucking, yes.”

He was off then, riding Draco’s cock like he’d been doing it all his life and Draco found that he couldn’t pull his eyes away from the sight of Harry’s muscles rippling under his pale skin as he lifted and pushed and bounced and shoved, writhing and moaning as he fucked himself wantonly on Draco’s cock.

“Harder. Harder!” Draco needed more of this. He was so close again already, but he didn’t care right now. Harry felt amazing. Harry was amazing. The heat in his groin was very nearly pain and if he didn’t come soon he thought he might actually lose his mind. “Harry, fuck, Harry. I need more… More. Fuck!”

Harry’s movement became more erratic as he grabbed his own cock and started pumping his hand in time with his thrusts, a sheen of sweat covering his skin as he grunted from effort and pleasure and the finally let out a roar of pleasure as he came.

“Fuck, yes. Fuck, yes. Oh fuck, YES!” Draco came and kept on coming, his cock pulsing out so much come he thought vaguely that there couldn’t possibly be room in Harry’s arse to take it all. His hips were snapping up, fucking himself in Harry’s tight hole until he realised that he was chanting Harry’s name and arching his neck so far it hurt and he subsided back onto the bed, knowing that there was a flush creeping up his neck to his face.

Harry was looking at him, wordless and astonished as if he had been completely robbed of all reaction. Then his hand slipped from the bar and he collapsed boneless on top of Draco as if he were the one who had lost the use of his arms.

“Do you have any idea how hot you looked right then, Draco?”

“Fuck off, Potter.” His voice was weak, too weak for Harry to take him seriously. Not that he particularly wanted him to right now. Harry’s weight was heavy on top of him, but somehow very real and Draco relished it, in spite of the layer of come sandwiched between their chests that definitely didn’t belong to Draco. It seemed Harry was inclined to move either so they stay there like that for a long minute, the room filled with their pants and gasps as they both tried to remover.

Only when Draco’s cock softened and slipped out naturally did Harry move and reach for his wand to cast the cleaning spell. Draco felt the tingle of magic over his skin and then Harry rolled over and began to pull up the covers over both of them.

“What are you doing, Potter?”

“Going to sleep,” came the mumbled reply as Harry buried his face in a pillow, “Can’t walk right now.”

“You’re sleeping here? In my bed?”

“Technically it’s my bed, Draco, remember?” Harry had freed his face a bit now and was looking over at Draco with a smile Draco didn’t altogether like. “By the way that was pretty amazing, we should definitely do it again sometime before you leave,” he added casually as he fussed about with the cover again. There was something about that sentence that Draco didn’t really like so he simply grunted in response and rolled over away from Harry, drifting off to sleep before he’d managed to work out which part he hadn’t really liked.


“Stop messing about, Harry!”

He was lying on the bed with Harry above him, lube dripping from his fingers and his cock, looking too damn hot for words, and yet hesitating.

“Aren’t you sore? You’ll regret this in the morning.”

“Shut up, Harry, just do it!” It was true that when Harry finally got on with it would be the fifth time they’d done this in six days, but Harry’s magical salve soothed away any pain so well that Draco had decided the pleasure more than made up for it. “Come on, Harry!” He bucked his hips and arched his neck in the way he knew Harry found difficult to resist. Sure enough just as happened every time Harry caved in and a moment later he felt him grab his hips and force his way past that tight ring of muscle into his arse.

“Move, Harry,” he demanded, long past caring whether he sounded demanding or whiny or both. The way he was going to feel in a minute was too damn good to worry about that.

“Give me a minute, Draco, you’re too damn tight you know.” Harry had his eyes squeezed shut, the way he always did

“Fuck.” He knew Harry would make him wait and he made sure he whined about it every time.

“Impatient little brat aren’t you, Draco?” This was new; Harry was bending down, his lips very near Draco’s ear, before he shoved. Somehow, even on this angle, he was still rubbing against that spot, just in an entirely different way. One that made Draco’s muscles clench and his toes curl.

“Fuck, Harry.” He sounded rather choked and he heard Harry hum in satisfaction and thrust again.

“Does that feel good, Draco?”

“Fuck yes.” He still sounded choked. He tried to swallow and decided it hadn’t really worked. A moment later he yelped as Harry sank his teeth into the sensitive flesh on his neck.

He hissed as Harry pulled back a little and arched his neck, silently asking for more. Harry grinned, licked his lips and then thrust and bit at the same time making Draco’s whole body jerk in pleasure.

“More. Again,” he panted, turning his head so that Harry could run his tongue up the curve of his neck and settle on his pulse point. He started to suck, Draco writhed again and Harry thrust in response, somehow managing to do both things at once as Draco convulsed and jerked and generally turned into a complete mess underneath him.

“You’re so tight, Draco,” Harry muttered against his neck in between teasing darts with his tongue and sharp nips with his teeth, “Have you any idea how good it feels to have my cock inside you like this? Have you any idea what you look like lying underneath me begging me to make you come? Do you even know what you’re doing to me?”

Oh fuck. Draco thought he really should worry about those words, but right now all they were doing was making his cock twitch and amplifying the pleasure from every thrust of Harry’s hips until Draco could hardly stand it.

“Fuck, Harry,” he gasped, “More.” Harry’s idea of more was apparently to sit up and tweak on his nipple hard enough that it almost hurt. Draco arched off the bed, which earned him a moan of desire and another tweak. “Yes fuck, Harry. More. Come on. I need to come.”

He was doing his best to buck his hips upwards and he decided Harry wasn’t quite desperate enough just yet. He clenched the muscles of his arse and felt a smug satisfaction as Harry groaned and increased the pace of his thrusts, hitting Draco’s prostate even harder.

“Fuck so good. Fuck. Harder Harry. Fuck!” Harry leaned forwards again, tugging harder on Draco’s nipple, thrusting his hips in an erratic rhythm which Draco could do nothing to correct. Not that he cared. There was pleasure deep inside his arse and Harry’s fingers were working magic on his nipples and his cock was caught between their stomachs causing pleasurable friction there too and it was all too fucking good. When Harry sank his teeth hard into the side of his neck he gave a strangled cry and came, spiralling off into white hot oblivion that engulfed his every sense.

Above him Harry pushed and thrust and panted and only when Draco was completely spent did he let his own release overtake him, coming hard into Draco’s arse so that when he finally softened and slipped out there was a mess of lube and come trickling from Draco’s hole that he vaguely thought he should be embarrassed about, but which he actually thought was quite satisfying.

“Fuck, Harry, that was…” he muttered as Harry collapsed on his chest and Draco let some vague thoughts about how disappointing it was that he couldn’t stroke his hair form in his mind and then slip away unhindered.

“Incredible?” Harry mumbled into his neck. Draco gave a grunt of agreement and tried to recapture the thought he’d just have so he could examine it in more detail.

Before he managed it Harry sat up and grabbed his wand to clean them.

“You know we really should stop doing this.” He didn’t particularly look like he meant it, but the way he’d run his hand through his hair, just how he did when something was really bothering him made Draco look at him in concern.


“Because, Draco,” he said it like it was an explanation. Draco raised an eyebrow and he plunged on. “You’re Draco Malfoy. You hate me. We have to work together when this is all over. Things have to go back to normal. This isn’t normal.”

Draco examined that sentence and then went with. “I don’t hate you, Harry. I mean, look, I even managed to start calling you Harry.” He gave him an encouraging smile, though what he was trying to encourage he really couldn’t say.

Harry looked at him for a moment and then started climbing off him and pulling his boxers back on. “All right fine. You don’t hate me anymore. I don’t hate you either if it comes to it, but we’re not even friends, Draco, and we keep fucking each other. It’s not right.”

“Actually you mostly fuck me,” Draco pointed out for the sake of accuracy, and because he could think of nothing better.

Harry laughed at that at least, though he quickly stopped and looked more serious, casting his eyes towards the ceiling. “Fucking hell, I’m fucking Draco Malfoy,” he muttered, as if there was someone up there he needed to tell.

“Potter, there’s at least three weeks until there’s any chance of this curse wearing off. Are you telling me we’re just going to stop this and you’re going to leave me hanging for three weeks?”


“Merlin, I hate not being able to wank!” If he was honest there were other things that annoyed him more, like not being able to use the toilet on his own, but right now this seemed more important. “The second I get the use of my muscles back I’m going home and I’m going to wank until I pass out.”

“Actually…” Harry’s slightly pensive tone got his attention and he looked over at him to find him chewing his lip and looking at the ceiling again.

“What is it, Potter?” He didn’t like that look at all, nor did he much like the sigh Harry gave afterwards.

“The thing is, Draco, even when the curse wears off you aren’t going to be able to wank or do anything much at all really.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Potter?” Merlin, he sounded so serious. Was there something he hadn’t told him about the curse? Was there going to be damage no one had told him about? What was he hiding?

“I mean you will eventually,“ Potter said quickly, as if he’d suddenly realised how it sounded, “But not straight away. You won’t have used your muscles for three months. They’re going to be weak. You’ll probably have to do exercises to get them back to full strength. I don’t know how long it’ll take, probably not too long, maybe a month or so, and I mean… you can stay here as long as you need, but I just thought you should know. It’s not going to be easy.”

“Right.” Draco let out a breath and looked at the ceiling. He hadn’t thought of that. Damn this stupid curse. He’d thought there were only a few more weeks of torture to go. Now he found out it might be another month after that before he was fully functioning again. Maybe even longer. The thought made him very nearly want to cry.

“When did the Healers tell you this, Potter?” he spat bitterly, wondering how long Potter had been sitting on this little piece of news.

“They didn’t tell me, I just worked it out.”

“Oh.” Fuck, now even Potter was more intelligent than him. “When did you work it out then?”

“Um.” He heard Potter shift uncomfortably, but he didn’t bother to look round. “That night I examined your arms.”

“When you were drunk?” Fuck this was getting worse.

“I wasn’t that drunk.”

“Right well, thanks for telling me I guess, Potter.” He rolled over so Potter couldn’t see his face and didn’t react when Potter sighed and pulled the covers up over him.

“I am sorry, Draco,” he said softly and Draco waited until he heard the door shut behind him before he let himself collapse into sobs.
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