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Title: What Can I Do?
Rating: R/18
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters.
Warnings: H/D slash, very smutty
Author's Notes: Posting this now since the last chapter was so devoid of plot and this one is quite short. I'm not entirely sure about the scene in this one, but stick with me here, there's a nice ending!

Chapter 1 here

Chapter 11: Experience

“Missing that, Potter?”

Draco hadn’t missed the look Potter had given his cock right before he’d pulled up his boxers. In fact the idea that Potter might find seeing him naked a form of torture was the only reason Draco was still letting the other man dress and undress him. He wasn’t actually speaking to him, in fact he realised, those three words were the first he’d spoken to him in four days, despite Potter’s lame attempts to lure him into conversation.

“Look, Draco, I’m sorry all right. It’s not my fault. I didn’t tell you earlier because I knew you’d act like it was.”

Draco stepped into the trousers Potter was holding out and looked down his nose at him.

“You aren’t sorry, you’re just sorry I stopped letting you fuck me.”

He enjoyed Potter’s flinch at that, even though unlike him Potter could actually wank. He on the other hand had started to resort to thoughts of Millicent again and it was only the fact that he was angry with Potter that was keeping his resolve not to ask him to render any assistance strong.

“I have other ways of getting sexual gratification, Draco. I don’t need you.” Harry had said that casually enough that it actually caught Draco’s interest. He quirked an eyebrow and considered asking him what other ways he had when he caught himself and instead bit his lip and looked towards the window, trying to appear uninterested.

“Good for you,” he muttered and spent the rest of the time Potter was in the room speculating internally on whether it was going to rain or not.


It didn’t rain in the end and Draco went for his usual walk whilst Potter was at work. He spent quite a lot of it wondering exactly what Potter had meant by getting sexual gratification elsewhere. He had very much got the impression the man wasn’t talking about wanking and he was certainly spending every evening at home with only Draco in the house so there wasn’t another bloke involved. Not unless Potter was getting it on at the office.

Draco dismissed that idea pretty quickly, Potter was definitely not the sort of person who would be doing something like that, even if he had confessed to wanking in the staff toilets a couple of weeks ago.

The question intrigued Draco to the point where he actually got out of bed five minutes after he heard the door to Harry’s room close and made his way down the landing so he could press an ear to the wood. There were no silencing charms, their rooms were too far apart to really need one, and besides through the thick wood Draco could only just make out the quiet pants and grunts that suggested to him Potter was wanking. Well either that or doing whatever else it was that he’d been referring to.

Draco hesitated briefly. He could just walk away, but then he’d never know and the pants were getting just a little bit louder now and they’d been accompanied by a whimper and Draco’s cock was definitely interested in that.

Actually that was a problem. He wasn’t here to get turned on by Potter, he was here to solve a mystery. That decided him. He pressed the thing he used to open the door and stepped inside.

“What the fuck?”

Potter was kneeling in the middle of the bed, one hand on his cock, working his hips up and down on… well on something that was cock shaped and very definitely sticking into his arse. He’s opened his eyes briefly at Draco’s muttered exclamation but then had apparently decided he wasn’t worth bothering about because he resumed his movements and let his eyes drop closed.

“What the fuck is that, Potter?” He’d come too far to back away without answers now.

“It’s a sex toy, Draco, what does it look like?” Potter’s voice sounded hoarse and unfortunately Draco noticed he was delightfully flushed, which did nothing for his cock, which was twitching more interestedly than ever.

As if pulled by invisible strings he found his legs propelling him forwards across the room to the bed where he bent down to look between Potter’s legs.

“Bloody hell, Potter.” The thing looked huge and Potter was riding it like an expert, up and down, groaning every time it went in and pumping his cock with his other hand in time with the rhythm. It was a few moments before Draco realised that the persistent mechanical noise was coming from the thing and was not inside his head at all. He looked closer and realised it was pulsating and moving as it went in and out of Potter’s arse.

“Enjoying the view, Draco?” Potter didn’t sound annoyed, he might as well have been asking about the view from the window.

“Don’t stop on my account.” Draco shot back dryly, wondering why Potter wasn’t more annoyed at the interruption and why he hadn’t bothered to stop. Actually Draco really wished he would stop. His cock was straining against his trousers and the sight of that thing going in and out only served to remind him exactly how good it felt to have his cock in there.

“I’ve had my cock in your arse, Draco, I’m hardly going to be embarrassed about you seeing this am I? If you want to watch, feel free.”

“Is it better than my cock?” He didn’t know where the question had come from, but he really had to know and he tried to suppress the little flutter of anxiety that started in his stomach. If Potter said yes he’d never live it down.

To his surprise Potter actually stopped moving and turned to him with a gleam in his eyes. “No actually, your cock is a lot better.”

“Fuck.” Draco wasn’t entirely sure that wasn’t the worse of the two answers because his cock was leaking now and he scrabbled desperately at his pants, using his feet and the edge of the bed to force his pyjamas down to his ankles where he could kick them off. Potter had resumed moving by the time he scrambled onto the bed, fighting to stay upright against the uselessness of his arms.

“Clever,” Potter muttered, when he cracked one eye open and realised what Draco had managed to do. He was moving faster now Draco noticed, his breath coming in little gasps and Draco realised he was matching them with some of his own.

“If my cock’s better why don’t you take that thing out?” he gasped, trying to wriggle forwards to get nearer. He nearly overbalanced, but Potter’s spare hand shot out and caught him as he shook his head.

“Too far gone, Draco. Fuck, come here.” He’d removed his hand from his cock now, using both arms to pull Draco closer so their bodies were touching and their cocks rubbed together as Harry continued to fuck himself on the sex toy. “Oh Merlin, Draco, I need… Fuck.”

Their bodies parted again because Harry had buried the toy as far as it would go into his arse and the look of complete ecstasy on his face as the thing pulsed inside him nearly had Draco coming right then and there.

“Fuck, Draco, that feels good. Fuck, where’s your hand? I need it. Fuck!”

Maybe Draco really should have objected to the fact that Harry had grabbed his hand and wrapped the fingers of it around his cock, but he found he really couldn’t because very suddenly the nerves in his hand had come back to life. He couldn’t feel everything, but there was heat and pressure and the fact that he knew it was Harry’s cock he was holding – feeling, for the first time made him cry out and tip forwards so that his face was buried in Harry’s shoulder and if Harry wondered what the hell was going on he didn’t say anything because he was pumping his cock with his hand over Draco’s so hard Draco was sure it must actually be painful and then he was coming with a yell that definitely hurt Draco’s ear.

He waited until Harry released his hand and dropped his head onto Draco’s before he spoke.

“I could feel that.” He wondered whether Harry could hear him because his face was mostly buried in Harry’s neck, but he had apparently heard something because he pushed them both upright and said,


“I could feel it, Harry. In my hand. I could feel your cock in my hand.”

A look of wonder suffused Harry’s features, one so bright and full of hope that Draco had an almost irresistible urge to kiss him. “Really?”

“Really,” he confirmed, feeling his own face breaking into a grin, “I can’t move it yet and I couldn’t feel it properly but there was definitely something. I could definitely feel it.”

“Can you feel this then?” Harry grabbed his hand and rubbed it in his hair, which Draco supposed was because it the only texture that was to hand right now that was vaguely interesting. He could feel it, soft and silkier than he’d been expecting given how much of a mess it always looked, and he grinned in approval.

Harry grinned back still with that same astonishing look of wonder and Draco really did kiss him then. He surged forward and slammed his lips into Harry’s, groaning into his mouth and then whimpering in delight as Harry kissed back and he realised that even though they’d done this before it had just been once and Harry’s taste was still new enough to be thrilling. Harry released his hand, grabbed him and tumbled them back onto the bed, twisting so Draco was pinned beneath him and kissing him as if he could never get enough.

Draco knew how he felt. He wasn’t sure he’d ever get enough of this. Harry’s lips were warm and soft and his tongue was doing wicked things inside his mouth and Draco’s cock throbbed against his stomach.

“Harry,” he managed to gasp eventually when that ache in his cock became too much to bear and he needed something more. Harry pulled away and then let out a sharp gasp of surprise and arousal that had Draco frowning in puzzlement, until he realised he could still hear that noise from before.

“You’ve still got that damn toy in your arse haven’t you, Potter?” he drawled, rolling his eyes upwards as Harry squirmed on top of him, “Don’t tell me you’re getting hard again already. Would it really work more than once?”

“If I turned it up,” Harry muttered, squirming again and causing Draco to groan as his erection rubbed against Harry’s semi-hard cock.

“It turns up?”


“How high?”

“High enough to get me off again.”

“Bloody hell, Potter.” He couldn’t help laughing, even though his cock was throbbing even more in response to just the idea of Harry coming again. “Who would have guessed that the boy-who-lived was so insatiable in bed?”

“I’m not insatiable, Draco.” He frowned and somewhat undid his statement by wriggling again. Draco groaned at the friction.

“Want to replace that thing with my cock?”

There was a pause and then Harry muttered, “Fuck yes,” so quietly Draco almost missed it. He grinned.

“See. Insatiable,” he drawled, “Fine, you can if you do me one favour first.”

“What’s that?”

“Turn that thing up. I want to see how high it goes.”

“Fucking hell, Draco.” He had actually expected Potter to refuse, but to his surprise he knelt up so he was straddling Draco’s thighs and reached around. A moment later the noise increased and Harry dropped his head forwards with a quiet groan.

“Does it go higher?” Draco asked, quirking an eyebrow when Harry looked up at him, his eyes bright with lust.

“Yes.” The noise increased again. “Fuck.”

Draco let out his own quiet gasp as Harry started to roll his hips in response to the increased stimulation. He could see the other man’s cock coming back to life before his eyes and the sight was so erotic he knew the only thing holding him back was the fact that he couldn’t physically move his arms.

“More,” he gasped quietly.

Harry reached around, turned the thing up and managed to choke out, “That’s it,” before he fell forwards onto one hand and started panting hard. Draco could see the other hand was still behind him working the thing in and out as it pulsed.

“Fuck, Harry,” he groaned, his own cock aching, “If you want my cock in your arse you’d better put it in now before I explode just from watching you do that.”

He wasn’t actually sure if Harry had heard him since he looked so lost in his own pleasure, but a moment later he gave a groan of frustration and the noise ceased before Harry tossed the toy aside and positioned himself over Draco’s cock.

The toy had stretched him already and it was all Draco could do not to scream when Harry pushed down and then kept on pushing, not stopping until Draco was completely buried inside him.

“Bloody hell,” he swore again, bucking his hips up as Harry settled down. Harry gave him a single, long look, all gleaming eyes and mischievous grins and then he started moving lacing one hand into Draco’s as he fucked himself on his cock.

“Merlin, Potter, you should see yourself right now,” he mumbled, turning his head just to try and drag his eyes away from the sight of Harry bouncing wantonly on his hips, obviously enjoying him just as much as he’d enjoyed his toy judging by the way he groaned and gasped and grabbed his own cock, pumping it in time with his thrusts.

“You should see your face,” he whispered in response, leaning down and changing the angle of his thrusts to something that made him whimper in pleasure. Draco didn’t feel particularly inclined to worry about what his face looked like right now, he could feel his own orgasm building between his hips and his only concern was whether he was going to last long enough for Harry to come again.

“Fuck, Draco, you feel so good.” One hand was on Draco’s shoulder, practically pinning him to the mattress as Harry used his body as leverage for his thrusts. It meant that Draco was held still enough that he could thrust back, bucking his hips, thrusting and lifting, and pushing so hard Harry was nearly lifted off the bed as he slammed their hips together over and over. “Fuck, Draco, I’m going to come,” he gasped.

Already? Was what Draco really wanted to say, but all that came out was an incoherent noise and he felt his muscles contract and his cock start to pulse as he fell over the edge and came so hard that his vision went white.

“Fuck, Draco!”

Harry’s muscles clenched around his cock, increasing the pleasure and making Draco cry out desperately as he frantically fucked Harry’s arse again and again, shoving into the mess of lube and come and feeling like he never wanted this to end.

It did of course. Eventually Draco stopped and Harry collapsed on his chest, completely spent, breathing hard.

“Wow,” he mumbled after a while, rolling off Draco, who took the opportunity to inhale deeply with the weight removed from his chest. He heard Harry chuckle next to him and then felt the tingle of a cleaning charm passing over his skin.

“What’re you doing?” he asked, when Harry started to draw the covers around them both.

“You can go back to your room if you want, but I’m not coming to help you with the covers,” was the muttered reply. Draco sighed. He could summon Kreacher to help, but he was naked again and he hated it when the house-elf had to look at him naked.

“Is this going to happen every time I fuck your ass, Potter?” he asked, though there was no malice behind his words this time.

“Does that mean you’re going to let me do it again?” Harry sounded too hopeful for his liking.


“Does that mean I’m forgiven?”

Draco sighed heavily. “Maybe,” he repeated, “I will at least concede that it isn’t your fault, but you should have told me sooner.”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“Fine.” He shrugged, though Harry had already put the lamps out and probably couldn’t see it. “At least move over and give me some room.”

There was another chuckle and he felt the mattress shift as Harry moved away.

“Night, Draco.” Another movement and then a hand squeezing his.

“I felt that, Potter,” he drawled sleepily, “Keep your hands to yourself.”

It earned him another chuckle, but Draco had already fallen asleep.


Draco woke up in the middle of the night with something tickling his nose and a heavy weight resting on his arm, which he was rather delighted to realise he could feel, right down to the tips of his fingers. Unfortunately the heavy weight was Harry’s body and Draco didn’t have enough movement in his arm to push him off.

“Bloody hell, Potter, what are you doing?” he muttered, trying to roll out from under the other man who from his deep, even breathing was quite obviously asleep. “Potter? Harry? Great.” There was no response. Why did Harry choose now to suddenly become the world’s deepest sleeper when he’d woken up so easily every time Draco had an erotic dream?

Whatever the reason Draco resigned himself to wriggling his shoulders and his hips until he’d finally managed to free himself from underneath Harry. He rolled so his back was to Harry, unable to go any further because of the edge of the bed.

“Great,” he muttered again, to no one in particular. Behind him Harry mumbled in his sleep and moved, throwing an arm around Draco’s waist and pulling him securely against Harry’s chest.

Oh Merlin, what the hell was Potter playing at now? It really wasn’t helping that it was warm and comfortable and that Harry’s firm chest was comforting against his back. It also didn’t help that Draco had nowhere to go, short of climbing out of the bed altogether, and if he did that he wouldn’t actually be able to get back under the covers without help.

Merlin, Potter was going to be the death of him. Draco didn’t sleep with people. He never shared his bed, let alone actually snuggled into someone’s arms whilst he slept, it just wasn’t a very Draco thing to do. It was unfortunate that it turned out to be something Draco couldn’t help liking very much.

He gave up. He could wake Harry up, but then he probably wouldn’t be so warm or comfortable and he really wanted to be warm and comfortable right now. He let his eyes fall closed and dropped back off to sleep.
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