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Title: What Can I Do?
Rating: R/18
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters.
Warnings: H/D slash, very smutty
Author's Notes: Oh I really love this chapter! I hope you do too :)

Chapter 1 here

Chapter 12: Companionship

“Draco what are you doing on my side of the bed?”

Draco surfaced from sleep at the sound of Harry’s voice, but didn’t bother to open his eyes, “I think you’ll find it’s my side Potter.”

“No, it’s definitely my side.”

He sounded so certain that Draco opened his eyes and realised that yes, Potter was actually right. He was on Harry’s side of the bed and what’s more he seemed to have crammed himself against Harry’s shoulder in some sort of ridiculous attempt to actually crawl inside the other man. At least, that’s pretty much what it seemed like from the way he was laying.

He groaned and rolled over, back to the other side of the bed.

“S’cold over here,” he mumbled, not quite fully awake yet, “And I’ll have you know Potter that you were over here practically crushing me in the night.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up then?”

“Tried. Not my fault you sleep like a flobberworm.”

“A flobberworm? What the fuck Draco?” Harry sounded far too amused for Draco’s pride to take. He ran his last sentence through his head again, realised what he’d said and tried to make it sound slightly less weird.

“Unresponsive. Floppy. Like a flobberworm.”

“You really are mental Draco.” There was affection in his voice this time, which inexplicably warmed Draco’s insides, in spite of the cold bed. He chuckled slightly and let himself doze off despite the light coming through the curtains.

“Sit up and eat your breakfast Draco.”

Merlin, couldn’t Potter leave him alone? He couldn’t have been dozing for more than five minutes. He rolled over onto his back and blinked up at Harry, who immediately grabbed him and dragged him into a sitting position despite Draco’s yelp of protest. It also didn’t escape his notice that they were sitting so close their bare shoulders were touching. And their arms.

Actually that was pretty amazing. Draco tensed the muscles in his shoulders and pressed his entire arm against Harry’s side.

“What are you doing?” Harry was looking at him incredulously, and Draco realised that he was practically molesting the other man, whilst they were naked in bed together no less.

“Uh…” He was pretty sure he was blushing, but then to his surprise a look of understanding dawned on Harry’s face and he grabbed at Draco’s hand in excitement.

“I forgot. You can feel!” For some inexplicable reason he seemed to decide that Draco might really want to feel Harry’s cheek and shoved his palm against it. “Can you feel that?”

“It feels warm.” He shrugged and tried to tug his hand away, which was difficult when the only working muscles were the ones in his shoulders. Luckily Harry got the hint and instead held his hand out in front of him for examination.

“Can you move your fingers? Try!” Draco really did try, mostly because he wanted to know himself, but just as always there was no response from his muscles. In fact he couldn’t even really feel that his hands were even there. It was only when something pressed against the nerves that he gained any sensation at all.

“It’ll probably come back soon,” Harry said reassuringly when Draco shook his head and shrugged again, “In the meantime, eat your toast.”

He held out a slice for Draco to bite, feeding himself with his other hand. Draco sighed, he’d done this before he supposed so there was little point in complaining now. They ate in companionable silence and Draco had to admit that having Harry feed him wasn’t quite so embarrassing as he’d thought it might be, probably because most of the time Harry seemed to be paying more attention to his own toast than to feeding Draco, which made Draco feel a lot less degraded by the whole experience. At least Harry wasn’t watching him being helpless.

“Here, drink this.” Harry was holding out a cup of tea and clearly expecting that Draco was going to drink it. So much for him not making Draco feel degraded. He jerked away in horror.

“You’re not giving me a drink Potter!”

“What? Why not? You need to drink.”

“You’re just not ok. It’s… it’s…” He was going to have to say it. “Humiliating.”

Harry stared at him as if he couldn’t actually believe what Draco was saying. “Draco you are naked in bed with me. We’ve had sex. I’ve had your cock in my mouth. Now you want to be all prissy about me giving you a drink? You’re even more mental than I thought.”

“I am not mental Potter. I’ll thank you to stop calling me that.” He turned away a little and tried to look haughtily at Harry out of the corner of his eyes.

“And I’ll thank you to stop being such an idiot.” Somehow Harry had managed to keep all the liquid in the cup whilst rising from the bed like a phoenix rising from the ashes and planting himself on top of Draco so he was straddling his lap. For once Draco gave no thought to his cock, beyond the somewhat relieving observation that Harry actually had his boxers on.

“What are you doing Potter?”

“You’re going to drink this Draco, I’m not giving up till you do.”

“You can’t force me to drink Potter!”

“Yes I can actually, but I’d rather you stopped acting like an idiot and did it yourself. What’s the problem anyway?”

He looked as if he really wanted to know, but all Draco could do was close his eyes and tilt his head back in exasperation. How did he explain the burning humiliation he felt whenever anyone had to do anything for him? He’d got used to being dressed by Harry; he’d got used to the sex because Harry got something out of that too. This was a step too far towards complete and utter dependence on another human being, and Draco didn’t like being dependant on anybody.

“Look I just don’t like it,” he mumbled eventually, cracking his eyes open when Harry’s only response was to grab hold of the back of his neck and press their foreheads together. When he managed to focus on Harry’s face he saw he was grinning.

“Maybe I should get you a straw,” he said teasingly.

Draco frowned and tried to jerk his head away, but Harry’s hand was firm behind his neck. Hopefully the cup of tea was just as secure in his other hand.

“I’m not a child Potter.”

“You’re acting like one.”

“Fuck off.”

“Drink the tea Draco.” The cup suddenly appeared between their mouths. There was only just enough room for it since Harry was still pressing their foreheads together. Harry cocked an eyebrow and took a sip himself.

“See easy,” he said, “Now drink it or I’ll tip it in your lap.”

“What?” Draco jerked again, only stopping when he noticed the liquid slopping dangerously in the cup, “You can’t tip scalding hot tea into my lap Potter! Not even you would go that far.”

“Oh I so would Draco, you aren’t the only one that’s mental you know.”

For some reason Draco wanted desperately to laugh at that. Harry looked so sincere, his eyes bright with his own amusement that Draco found he suddenly wasn’t cross anymore. Instead he found that he wanted to laugh and brush that stupid cup aside so he could pull Harry into a passionate kiss that he was pretty sure would feel amazing.

Since he couldn’t do the last two he ended up doing the first. Laughter bubbled out of him before he could stop it and after a moment of surprise Harry pulled away and laughed too.

“Fine Potter,” he said when they had both stopped laughing, “If it shuts you up I’ll drink the damn tea.”

“Good.” Harry looked far too triumphant as he brought the cup back towards Draco’s lips.

It wasn’t too bad Draco reflected as the liquid entered his mouth. Harry seemed to be concentrating very hard on getting just the right amount of tea to flow from the cup towards his lips and to Draco’s surprise he didn’t spill any. When he’d drunk half the cup Harry removed it.

“There see, that wasn’t so bad was it?”

He was grinning. Draco licked his lips and shook his head.

“I guess not,” he said, and then bobbed his head from side to side to get Harry’s attention because the other man seemed to be staring at his lips in a slightly distracted way. Draco really hoped he didn’t have anything embarrassing on them.

“Right,” Harry said, when he’d blinked and looked away, “Let’s have a shower.”

So they did, and if Draco had surprised Harry by mashing their lips together when Harry decided to wrap both of their hands around both of their cocks and bring them to a mutual orgasm, well that was just because he was happy he could feel things again.

After that little session in the shower Harry had dried them both, dressed them and was now brushing Draco’s hair, another first for which Draco was incredibly grateful. He was sitting in a chair trying to suppress the little shudders of pleasure that the attention was sending down his spine.

“Your hair is very soft, you know,” Harry said thoughtfully, when he’d brushed all the tangles out and Draco suspected he was only continuing because he liked how it felt, “Although it’s got a bit long. You need it cutting.”

“You’re not cutting my hair Potter.”

“No, I’m definitely not cutting your hair. Kreacher does mine, you should get him to do yours.”

The brushing stopped and Harry appeared in front of him, brushing his own hair.

“And end up with my hair looking like yours? No thanks,” Draco said, though he knew there was humour rather than spite in his voice.

“This isn’t Kreacher’s fault. My hair’s always looked like this.” Harry grinned, put the brush down and then ruffled a hand through his hair, making it look more like a bird’s nest than ever. Draco shook his head and declined to comment. The idea of Kreacher going anywhere near his hair with a pair of scissors was not something he wanted to contemplate right now.

“Do you want to come to the Quidditch match with me?”

“What?” Draco blinked. He was pretty sure he’d misheard that. Sure it was Saturday, but Harry usually disappeared off at the weekends to his friends, he certainly didn’t hang around with Draco, or invite him to Quidditch matches.

“I can’t go out in public like this Potter,” he said, when it seemed that Harry was serious.

“It’s not public, I’ve got a private box. We can apparate straight there and straight back if you like. No one would even need to see you.”

Draco looked at Harry askance. “Why are you inviting me to Quidditch?”

Harry shrugged as if this wasn’t particularly important. “I thought you might want to go. I usually take Teddy, or the Weasley’s, but they’re all busy this weekend. I’ve just realised you must be pretty bored stuck here all the time so I thought you might want to come.”

“I’ve been here nearly three months and you’ve only just realised I might be bored?” Draco rolled his eyes at the sheer stupidity of Potter.

“All right fine. I knew you were bored, but I didn’t think you’d want to hang out with me.”

Well that was interesting. “And you think I want to now because…?”

Another shrug. “Well, I figured you’re probably bored enough to accept by now.”

Draco laughed. It was pretty close to the truth if he thought about it. The idea of a Quidditch match with Harry would have been intolerable three months ago, now he was almost excited about the prospect.

“Fine,” he said, trying not to let that excitement show, “I guess I’ll come to the Quidditch match with you.”

It wasn’t half bad Draco realised sometime later when he was safely ensconced in Harry’s private box watching the Falcons playing the Magpies in what was actually a pretty exciting game. Harry wasn’t bad company either. Draco slid his eyes across to the other man for probably the hundredth time in the hour or so they’d been here and was surprised this time to see Harry looking at him.

“What?” he asked, embarrassed to have been caught looking.

“Nothing.” Harry shrugged and turned away, leaving Draco to roll his eyes and decide that Harry was right in his earlier assessment of himself. He really was mental.

Whether it was because of the Quidditch match, or because he was actually enjoying being around Harry Draco didn’t know, but somehow Harry persuaded him that it was a good idea to have dinner in the dining room with him for once and an even better idea to let Harry actually feed him.

It was an odd experience, one that Draco wasn’t sure whether he was enjoying or just finding uncomfortable. It had taken some time for Harry to decide that the best thing to do was to transfigure a couple of chairs into a bench, very like the ones they’d sat on in Hogwarts for meals, and now he was sitting very close to Draco and holding a plate in his hand on which was a lot of cut up food, which they were actually sharing.

Harry would take a bite himself and then whilst he was chewing would spear another piece of food and feed it to Draco. Then whilst he was chewing the process would start over again. It was quite efficient Draco had to admit and the fact that Harry was doing it without any of the fuss that Kreacher usually made about the whole experience was quite refreshing.

They ate until Draco shook his head and refused anymore and Harry put the plate down. He stood up and Draco went to slide off the bench as well but Harry stopped him with a hand on his shoulder and when Draco looked up at him Harry ducked his head and kissed him.

There was no chance for complaints. Harry’s lips glided smoothly over his and his hands ran smoothly over his shoulders and then Harry was lowering himself down onto the bench again, this time straddling Draco with one leg either side of his thighs.

He murmured something, but Draco didn’t hear it and didn’t really care what it had been. Harry’s hands slid into his hair, raking through the soft strands and then gripping and pulling lightly until Draco moaned into his mouth and Harry silenced him by slipping his tongue inside.

They sat like that just kissing, Harry caressing Draco softly, over his head and torso, eventually undoing his shirt buttons to get at the skin beneath until Draco couldn’t imagine doing anything else ever. Surely they could just sit here and kiss like this till the end of time?

There was a whimper from Harry as he pressed closer and Draco felt a familiar hardness bump against his own. That was when he realised that of course they couldn’t kiss forever because there was a much more urgent desire building inside him, one that made his blood fizz and his skin flush and he groaned into Harry’s mouth, wriggling his hips a little to try and show Harry what he needed.

The kiss stalled just for a second whilst Harry shifted and moved his hands down to grip Draco’s arse and then it resumed, just as gentle and measured as before as they both started rocking their his together in unison.

“Mmm so good,” Draco whispered into Harry’s mouth, earning him a growl of appreciation and a slight increase in the pressure. Not much though, it seemed neither of them were in too much of a hurry for this to be over. They were still kissing and still rocking and Draco was lost in an entirely different world of pleasure to usual.

“Draco.” Harry had pulled back slightly from the kiss, just enough to mutter Draco’s name. For a moment Draco thought he was going to say something else, but there was nothing and instead he captured the other man’s lips again, urging him back into the kiss.

It was apparently what Harry had been waiting for. He surged forwards, nearly knocking Draco off the bench, kissing him with more passion and desperation than before, one hand moving back up to tangle and tug at his hair, whilst the other forced their hips together with more urgency than before.

They rocked and kissed and plundered each other’s mouths with their tongues until Draco felt the surge of pleasure coiling in his belly and knew he couldn’t hold it any longer. He broke the kiss and completely on instinct dipped his head and sank his teeth hard into the side of Harry’s neck.

Harry cried out and Draco knew he was coming and that thought alone sent him over the edge, spurting wetness into his pants and almost collapsing in relief at the release.

He removed his teeth from Harry’s flesh and instead dropped his head onto the other man’s shoulder.

“What the hell was that about Harry?” he muttered, when he’d finally got his breath back. Apparently though whatever it had been about Harry wasn’t prepared to talk about it because he simply shrugged, spelled them both clean and then got up from the table, padding out the room and leaving Draco sitting there feeling very confused.

He didn’t see Harry again that evening, and if he had he would have pretended he wasn’t looking for him, even though he was. He padded from room to room downstairs and eventually decided Harry had gone to his bedroom, which despite everything was the one place Draco felt he really shouldn’t follow right now and gave up.

Later that night Harry got him ready for bed in silence. Then the next day he dressed him again and went out. He didn’t feed him, or try to force drinks down his throat, or do anything at all that wasn’t ‘normal’ for their strange situation.

Things weren’t normal though. Draco could sense it. He suspected Harry could sense it too. By the time the other man left for work on Monday Draco would happily have agreed with him on one point at least. He was going mental.
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