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Title: What Can I Do?
Rating: R/18
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters.
Warnings: H/D slash, very smutty
Author's Notes: Sorry for the delay in posting this. To make up for it this is a very long chapter!

Chapter 1 here

Chapter 14: Conversation

“Have you been in bed all day?”

“Maybe, yes.”

Draco rolled onto his stomach and kicked his feet into the air, regarding Harry from behind the hair that swung in front of his eyes.

“Have you even got up at all?” Draco frowned and thought about it. Harry probably wasn’t going to count using the bathroom, so he shook his head. “Have you eaten?” Another shake of the head. “Have you done anything?” Another shake. “Merlin Draco, you lazy little git.”

“My arse hurts.”

Harry gave a shout of laughter that made Draco grin, and then he lent forwards and pushed the hair back from Draco’s eyes. “Poor little baby,” he muttered teasingly, which meant Draco went for the only possible retaliation and tried to bite his fingers. That earned him a playful slap to the shoulder.

“Ouch. Don’t make my shoulder hurt too,” he grumbled, “Where’s your magic salve? I want some.”

“You could have had something morning if you hadn’t been such a lazy git.”

It was true. When Harry had left for work this morning he’d tried to make Draco get up and get dressed, but Draco had been comfortable and he didn’t actually think he’d have been able to walk after last night so he’d refused and had gone back to sleep before Harry had even left the house. That was mostly what he’d done all day actually. Slept and grumbled to himself about being an idiot every time Harry stuck his cock up his arse. Next time he was going to be the one fucking Harry, or at least making Harry ride him.

“Be nice Harry,” he grumbled, “It’s your fault my arse hurts so much.”

There was a sigh and then Harry stood up. When Draco peered up at him he had his hands on his hips. “Fine, I’ll get you some, but you’re going to wash and dress and eat something and then we’re going for a walk. If you don’t do some physical exercise you are never going to sleep tonight.”

Draco wrinkled his nose. A walk did not sound like the sort of thing he wanted to do right now, but the promise of the salve was too alluring so he nodded and gave Harry his most charming smile when the man produced the tub.

Harry blinked in shock at the expression, which made Draco feel rather smug. At least he could still surprise him with some things.


Some time later after Harry had given him a shower and helped him dress and fed them both dinner, he had practically manhandled a protesting Draco into his coat and herded him out the door for a walk. It was only once they were outside, on the dark, quiet streets that Draco realised this was the first time in three months that he’d been outside at night.

The realisation hit him like a thunderbolt and he turned his head to the sky, straining to see the stars that were washed out by the street lamps.

Harry seemed to realise too, for he didn’t say anything, but after a few minutes of letting Draco just stare he turned and led the way through the streets taking a path Draco had never gone down in any of his walks before. It led, eventually, to a river, where it was darker than ever and Draco had some trouble seeing the path in front of him as they walked along, Harry setting a brisk pace, as if he wanted to wear Draco out in the hope that he would sleep later.

Draco kept up because he couldn’t bear to be outstripped by Potter, but inevitably his pride caused him to stumble and it was only Harry’s quick reflexes that prevented him from falling flat on his face, since there was no chance of catching himself on his useless hands.

“Are you ok?” Harry’s voice was full of concern, and Draco could see him peering into his face in the darkness, as if he needed to see the truth in his eyes.

“I’m fine,” he said, thankful when there was no tremble in his voice. In truth the fall, something which he’d managed to avoid doing up to this point, had shaken him quite a lot. Not being able to thrust your hands out to catch hold of anything or make any move to prevent your face coming into very sudden and painful contact with the ground was more frightening than Draco had thought possible. The sense of being out of control was overwhelming, and he felt it more completely now than he had since the first week this had started.

His heart was still thudding painfully in his chest when he felt Harry take hold of his hand and grip tightly, starting off along the path again as if this was completely normal.

“What are you doing Potter?” he asked, following simply because to not follow would have pitched him forwards onto his face for certain.

“You scared the shit out of me Draco. What if I don’t catch you next time?” Harry sounded grim and determined. Draco couldn’t risk a dig.

“Maybe you should have thought of that before you dragged me down a pitch black path.”

“It’s a nice walk.”

“I’m sure it’s nicer when you can see where you’re going.”

“It’ll be worth it, trust me.”

Draco lapsed into silence then. Harry had said those words before and been right, he really didn’t feel like arguing with them right now. Besides he was concentrating very hard on checking exactly where he was putting his feet and the sound of the river next to them was a lot more soothing than the sound of him and Harry having an argument about exactly why they were holding hands.

Two hours later the river eventually opened up into a lake, and Draco realised they’d walked right out into the countryside, leaving the lights of the town far behind them. Tired and annoyed at Potter for dragging him so far in the first place Draco had opened his mouth to grumble when Harry had reached out and tilted his chin to the sky.

The complaints died on Draco’s lips. High above him hung a canopy of stars, far more beautiful than anything he had seen since his time at Hogwarts when he’d been too young and too annoyed about having to learn the names of them to really appreciate their beauty.

He gasped, and practically heard Harry grinning next to him.

“You know, you really don’t need to be holding my hand now we aren’t walking,” he pointed out, just to give the smug git something to feel embarrassed about. They’d come to a halt on a small jetty that reached out over the lake and Harry was still gripping tightly onto his hand.

There was a chuckle, which surprised him, but he didn’t bother to turn his head to look at Harry. “Are you kidding? You’ll probably fall in the water the second I let you go just so that I’m forced to jump in and rescue you.”

“Not a bad idea Potter,” Draco drawled, “But it’ll probably mess up my hair so I think you’re safe.”

Another laugh, this time he grinned too and they both stood and looked at the stars for more time than Draco cared to reckon. Harry didn’t let go of his hand.

Afterwards Harry apparated them home straight to his bedroom and there didn’t seem to be anything to worry about in that. Draco didn’t worry about it either when he tumbled into Harry’s arms, kissed him passionately and let Harry ride his cock until they both reached the dizzy heights of orgasm.

He stayed in Harry’s bed again that night and decided that Harry had been right. It was worth it in the end.


When he woke he was thankful to realise he was on his side of the bed and Harry was very firmly on his, something which was only partially spoilt when Harry reached out and poked him in the shoulder.

“Draco are you awake?”

“No,” he mumbled, rolling himself more firmly into the pillows and resolving not to get up quite yet.

“Yes you are, I’m horny.”

“Fucking hell Potter I fucked you last night how can you be horny again?”

Says Mr I-Wank-Everyday.”

“There’s your solution then, have a wank.”

“Draco you’re right here in the bed, I’m not having a wank now.”

“So now you go all prudish? Seriously?” That was too good to pass up, Draco turned and gave him a scathing look, opening his mouth to add another snarky comment when sadly he was interrupted by a tapping at the window.

“Oh, owl post,” Harry said helpfully, as if Draco might not have recognised the noise. With a wave of his wand the window slid open and not one, but three owls entered, flapping around the room and finally settling on the bed hooting softly.

Draco grumbled as one of the owls landed on his stomach, and carried on grumbling until Harry sat up, relieved the owls of their packages and paid them their money. Once they’d gone Harry immediately settled back on the pillows and opened the Daily Prophet he’d just received, seeming to have completely forgotten about his earlier fussing about sex.

Draco struggled to sit up as well, managing it when Harry grabbed his shoulders and hauled on him, before arranging the pillows for him with a shake of his head and a grin.

“You really have to stop sleeping in my bed Draco,” he muttered amusedly as he went back to his paper. There was probably a snarky retort for that Draco thought vaguely, but his eye had been caught by one of the magazines the owl post had brought. There was The Quibbler, which Draco could at least explain as loyalty to Loopy Luna, but the other he couldn’t actually believe.

“Potter, why have you got a subscription to Witch Weekly?”

“Hmm?” Harry was absorbed in the paper and didn’t reply for a second, but then his eyes flicked dismissively to the magazine and he grinned. “Oh that, I just like to check they haven’t printed anything about me.”

“I didn’t have you down as someone who worried about the lies they print in that rag.”

That got him a snort of laughter. “I don’t, but it gets quite embarrassing when reporters ask you questions and you haven’t got the foggiest idea what they’re talking about. Not to mention the fact that I at least like to know why I’m being stared at in the corridors at work.”

Draco sniggered at that. “Makes sense I guess.”

“A couple of months ago they printed a kiss and tell story from some girl called Mandy who claimed I’d been in a secret relationship with her for a year.”

Draco raised his eyebrows in astonishment. “You’re gay.”

“I’m well aware that I’m gay thank you.” Harry rolled his eyes, and Draco thought he’d rather missed the point. “Apparently this girl thought she was so amazing she’d managed to change my sexuality. Personally I don’t think she exists at all, but I had a lot of angry Weasley’s on my hands after that one.”

“You mean they believed it?” Draco was incredulous. He knew the Weasley’s were stupid, but surely not that stupid?

“Well I don’t think so really, but me coming out as gay was probably the only acceptable excuse for breaking Ginny’s heart. The idea that I might not be caused a bit of friction.”

“They believed you in the end though, right?”

“Of course they did. Actually it was Ginny who convinced them I was telling the truth. I guess she knew better than anyone, since she was the one who was there when I decided I was gay.”

“What do you mean, when you decided you were gay? You don’t decide to be gay Potter, you either are or you aren’t!”

“All right, maybe decided is the wrong word. Realised maybe. I guess I knew I was for a while before I came out, but I’d been trying to ignore it. Then one morning I just woke up, looked at Ginny and knew I couldn’t deny it anymore.”

“So you just woke up one day and said, “Good morning, Ginny, by the way I’m gay”?” Draco blinked at him stupidly, but seriously, who the hell did that?

Harry shrugged. “Pretty much. It came as a bit of a shock to her. When she got over it she told me she knew things were over between us before that but she never expected it to be for that reason.”

“Merlin, Harry, who the hell wakes up one day and just announces that they’re gay?”

“Well when did you realise you were gay?”

That was an easy one. Draco had never been ashamed of his sexuality. “When I was in fifth year at Hogwarts and I snogged Blaise in the potions cupboard,” he said promptly.

“I didn’t know Blaise was gay!”

Draco rolled his eyes and grinned. “Actually I think Blaise is pretty much anyone-that-will-have-him, which yes, happens to include males when it comes to me.”

Harry’s jaw dropped open, Draco resisted the urge to tell him he looked like a rather stupid fish. “You’re… I mean… you and Blaise…?” He trailed off, apparently unable to contemplate the awfulness of the thoughts. Draco frowned at him for a moment, wondering what was so disgusting about the idea of him and Blaise having sex and then realised what stupid, idiotic Harry was actually thinking.

“Merlin Harry, we fuck, he isn’t my boyfriend.” The look of relief on Harry’s face showed that Draco had been right in his assumption at least. “Do you think I’d have done anything with you if he was?” He shook his head, feeling inexplicably mortified by Harry’s opinion of him, “I know you think I’m a pretty awful person Potter but I’d like to think I have a bit more decency than that.”

Harry blushed and mumbled something that might have been an apology. Draco blew a strand of hair from his own eyes and pursed his lips.

“Besides I don’t do relationships but if I did then I’d like to think whoever I was with would love me enough to look after me in this state, rather than palming me off on my worst enemy.” It was true. Draco didn’t do relationships. He didn’t like soppiness, or romance, or even letting people too close, but even he could admit in his heart of hearts that the idea of having someone care for him that much was not without its merits. He did want to be loved, but he’d long ago concluded that no one would ever love him in the way he needed, which even he suspected was rather selfish.

“I’m your worst enemy?” Harry said, chuckling, “I’m flattered, Draco.”

Draco frowned. “All right fine, my worst enemies are the little shits who think it’s all right to try and kill me, but you come pretty close.”

It was total nonsense of course, Harry was about as far away from being his worst enemy right now as it was possible to get, but Draco wasn’t about to let him know that. In the end Draco thought he might know anyway judging by the way he grinned.

“Since you have no boyfriend and you’re stuck with me, what do you want to do today?” he asked, “Do you want to come to Quidditch again?”

Draco raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you going out?” he asked, because apart from last weekend that’s what Harry always did. Draco had assumed things would be back to normal now.

“Well no.” Harry rubbed his hand through his hair and actually looked a little embarrassed. Draco was intrigued and peered at him closer, wondering if there was something wrong. “I thought you might like to do something today.”

Merlin, the man was blushing. It was actually quite sweet. Draco grinned and opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Harry’s sudden torrent of words. “Look I realise you aren’t my friend or anything, but I also realise I’ve been a bit unfair on you. I mean I’ve been looking after you sure, but I haven’t actually done anything to make your life pleasant have I? You obviously don’t want to contact your friends and I’m guessing that’s from some leftover Slytherin nonsense about not wanting to show weakness, and that’s fine, you don’t have to, but that means I’m all you’ve got and I’ve just left you with nothing to do and no one to talk to half the time. That’s not fair.”

Draco stiffened. “I don’t need your charity, Potter,” he said, trying to look down his nose at Potter in spite of his too long hair that was getting in his eyes.

“It’s not charity, Draco.” Harry sounded frustrated and he rubbed at his hair again, making it stick up even more than usual. “It’s just…” He stopped and held out his hand in a gesture of surrender, palm upwards, letting his shoulders relax and his expression soften. “Look I know the offer isn’t great, coming from your second worst enemy, but come on, give me a break here. I’m trying.”

He grinned hopefully, and it was that rather than his words which made Draco roll his eyes and cave in. “All right, fine. If it makes you feel any better I’ll come to Quidditch with you.”

“Good.” Harry grinned again and picked up the paper, resuming his reading with an expression that looked suspiciously to Draco like he was trying not to laugh. He huffed quietly under his breath and tried to adjust his position against the pillows.

“Shit!” He’d leant to far and had tipped, ending up slumped sideways against Harry’s shoulder. There was an actual genuine giggle and then a hand pushing him upright, rearranging the pillows and making sure he was settled comfortably.

“It’s not funny, Potter,” he muttered, when the hand withdrew and the laughter continued.

“No not at all.” There was more quiet laughter, Draco looked sidelong at him, trying to pretend that he wasn’t looking at all. To all intents and purposes Harry appeared to be absorbed in the paper. He leaned over, a little more carefully this time, trying to read some of the articles.

“Wait your turn,” Harry said, trying to push him away.

“Harry,” he whined, “Don’t you know it’s rude to read in bed?”

Harry turned and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “You’ve just completely made that up Draco.”

Of course he’d made it up, but he wanted Harry to pay attention to him damn it. He licked his lips and tilted his head up slightly looking at Harry expectantly. It was only after a second that he realised exactly what the gesture probably looked like, never mind what the hell it had actually been and he jerked his head away so fast he winced in pain. When he risked a look back Harry was staring at him with a slightly glazed expression, which cleared when he realised Draco was looking.

“Stop it, Draco,” he said vaguely, in a tone that made Draco think he didn’t really know why he was saying it, or even what he was saying. He turned back to the paper and Draco let him, looking down at his hands resting on the bedcovers and feeling very confused.

“There’s a bit here about you,” Harry said eventually, after a few moments of reading in silence. “Listen.” He started reading. “Where is Auror Malfoy?” That was apparently the title, for Harry gave a slight pause and then went on. “Three months and thirteen days have passed since Auror Malfoy was hit by the curse that apparently rendered him unfit for duty. At the time a Ministry Official stated that he would be back in action at the end of the three months, however the time has elapsed and he has failed to return to work, or even appear in public at all since February. Where then is Auror Malfoy?"

“You know, I can actually read myself, Potter There’s nothing wrong with my eyes.”

“Merlin, Draco!” Harry huffed, but did stop and hold out the paper where Draco could see the article. He scanned the words, reading them to himself much faster than Harry had read them aloud.

There has been no word from the Ministry on Malfoy’s situation, the article continued, Edward Robins, Head of the Auror Department has refused to comment on when, if at all, Malfoy will be returning to his duties. When asked where Auror Malfoy is staying during his recovery period Robins simply replied that Malfoy was being cared for at home. This reporter can exclusively reveal that this is in fact a cover up. Malfoy’s home has now been empty, showing no signs of being lived in, since his disappearance from public duty back in February. What exactly are the Ministry covering up? Is Malfoy really recovering after being hit by a curse in the line of duty or is this all some elaborate ruse to cover up the fact that Malfoy is actually now a rogue agent on the run from the forces of the law? Everyone in the wizarding world is well aware of his family’s history, and although it looked like the handsome heir to the Malfoy fortune was making amends tongues will surely start wagging if he doesn’t return to duty soon.

Draco snorted derisively and shook his head as he finished reading. “Utter crap,” he said loftily, “Apart from the bit about me being handsome of course.”

“Of course,” Harry scoffed, though his grin was one of amusement as he snatched the paper away. Draco went quiet as something else the article had said hit home.

“You know, I didn’t realise it had already been over three months,” he said quietly when he was unable to keep the thought to himself any longer.

The paper was neatly folded and then Harry gave him a long, thoughtful look. “Did you expect your hands to magically start working after exactly three months?” he asked gently.

“Well, no.” Draco wriggled uncomfortably under that gaze. He hadn’t, not really, not in his rational mind, but in his heart he had hoped.

“You know even when the feeling comes back it’s not going to be instantly better.”

“I know, you already told me.” The gentle tone in Harry’s voice actually made Draco want to cry. No one ever spoke to him like that. He stared up at the wooden canopy above him and blinked slowly.

“Maybe you should start doing some exercises now, it might help the feeling come back faster.”

“I really don’t see how, Potter.” Draco kept his eyes firmly on the canopy. He really didn’t think he’d be able to stand seeing the expression on Harry’s face right now.

“Well, you can still feel your shoulders right? You can still use the muscles there?” He paused and Draco forced himself to nod. “Sometimes you act like you can’t. If you want to be able to do anything when the curse wears off you need to start making sure you’re doing something with them. You need to stop holding them so tense all the time,”

“If your arms felt like mine, you’d hold your shoulders tense too,” Draco said bitterly, still not bothering to turn his head in Harry’s direction.

“You can’t feel your arms,” Harry pointed out.

“You know what I mean.”

There was a sigh and Harry started shifting around. “Kneel up a minute,” he instructed, and then at Draco’s puzzled frown grabbed him and started twisting him until Draco caved in and helped Harry to arrange him so he was kneeling facing away from the other man.

“What’s all this about?” he asked, once he was fully settled, “I’m not sure I trust you back there.”

There was a snigger from Harry at that and then his hands were suddenly on Draco’s shoulders. Draco flinched away and the hands gripped tighter, pulling him back upright. “Relax Draco, I’m just going to help you do some exercises. You’re far too tense. Now – roll your shoulders forwards.”

Draco did so if only for the sake of getting this over with as soon as possible. Harry’s hands on his skin did funny things to his brain.

“Ok good, now do it ten times forwards and ten times backwards.”

“Really, Potter…”

“Don’t whine Draco, just do it.”

Draco huffed. “Fine but I really don’t see the point.”

He did by the time he’d finished the ten rotations each way that Harry had required. His muscles were stiff and now they ached unpleasantly.

“Good. See what I mean now?” Harry’s grip moved down to just below his elbows. “Now, we’re going to lift your arms out to the sides and you’re going to hold them there for thirty seconds. Go on.”

“This is ridiculous.” Draco felt like a complete fool kneeling here naked with Harry behind him, poking and prodding and issuing orders as if he was some sort of Healer who actually knew what he was talking about.

“Just get on with it Draco. Merlin, I swear you’re like a whiny little child sometimes.”

“Shut it Potter,” he snapped, but the insult probably had the desired effect because Draco did lift his arms and did hold them up whilst Potter counted. His lower arms and hands felt like dead weights, despite Harry supporting them slightly, and by the time the count was up Draco felt like his muscles were on fire.

“Now out in front.” Harry said, the moment his arms dropped.

“Seriously, Potter, give me a break.”

“No,” said Harry, and this time he sounded quite cross. “I should have made you do this ages ago. Your muscles that you can use have weakened, we shouldn’t have let that happen.”

“I didn’t know you cared so much Potter.” Draco tried to make it sound like a drawl, but he didn’t quite manage it. Harry was angry with himself Draco realised. Angry because he felt guilty for not helping Draco enough. It was a completely new idea that anyone would want to help him at all even this much, yet alone actually feel bad for not helping enough.

“Don’t flatter yourself Draco, it’s only that you don’t look good when you’re this skinny.”

“I’m not skinny!” At least the words had stopped the fluttering in Draco’s stomach and replaced it with a quick flare of annoyance instead.

“Yes, you are.”

Merlin, what was Harry trying to do to him? The fluttering came back as Harry slipped his arms underneath Draco’s and trailed them up his sides.

“See I can feel all your ribs now,” he said conversationally, as if running his hands over Draco’s naked body was something completely normal, “You don’t eat enough.” The hands swept down and around to his back, before they slipped away and instead a finger jabbed at his arse. “Even your arse has gone skinny,” Harry said teasingly.

“I do not have a skinny arse!”

“Well not normally this skinny,” Harry conceded, “But it is a bit since you stopped running.”

Draco stiffened. “What are you talking about, Potter?”

There was a momentary pause behind him. Draco heard Harry let out a long, slow breath before he said, “It’s hardly a secret is it? You like running. You’re always on the treadmill in the gym at the office.”

It was true that he liked running, but Draco put that aside for a moment in favour of saying, “In the what?”

“I mean the physical training room. You’re always running.”

Draco was not about to let that slip-up go. “Why did you call the room Jim?”

There was another pause; Draco could almost hear Harry’s frown of confusion behind him. After a moment though there was a snigger as if Harry had just worked something out. “Not Jim as in the name, gym as in short for gymnasium. It’s a muggle word for an exercise room.”

“Oh.” Draco stiffened again. “How stupid.”

“Anyway you’re always on that damn treadmill and you don’t even activate your personal recorders half the time. The rest of us do the minimum required of us each month and make sure we record every damn second to our files so we don’t have to do it again. You run all the time, more than you need to. It’s not hard to work out that you like it, though if you wanted that to stay a secret you should have run somewhere other than in the Auror Training Room.”

“It’s not a secret Potter, I just didn’t think anyone had noticed. No one’s ever mentioned it.”

He twisted round now and looked at Harry curiously, noticing that the man seemed to be blushing, though why he couldn’t imagine. There was a shrug. “I noticed.”

That needed a few seconds of thought and then Draco realised that Harry Potter of all people had been paying close attention to his habits, not to mention his personal appearance.

“Yes, so you did. Apparently you noticed my arse too,” he said, giving Harry his most winning smile.

Another shrug, though the blush was still there. “So? You have a nice arse.”

“I though you said it was skinny?” Draco raised an eyebrow and Harry blushed harder.

“Fine Draco,” he said in the end with a sigh and a yielding lift of his hands, “What do you want me to say? You have a nice arse and I just happened to notice. It isn’t a crime is it? I am gay you know.”

Draco lifted his chin smugly. “I knew it.”


“You think I’m attractive,” he said triumphantly, tilting his head to the side and regarding Harry coyly from under his eyelashes. “At least you have good taste I suppose.”

“Seriously, Draco? I say you’ve got a nice arse and suddenly I’m your number one fan? You’re a skinny little git. I do not find you attractive.”

Draco yelped as Harry reached out and shoved him over, causing him to fall onto the mattress in an ungainly sprawl. He rolled onto his back immediately and then tried to use his legs to stop Harry from jumping on top of him. It completely failed.

“What are you doing, Potter?”

“You might be an insufferable skinny little git,” Harry said, using his advantage to straddle Draco’s thighs and then pin him to the bed with his body. “But I am horny.”

“Potter you are not using me for your sexual gratification!” Draco yelped, trying to kick out at Harry’s legs. It really wasn’t helping that he could feel the other man’s erection pressing into his stomach. “You can use your hands, you can wank.”

“I don’t want to wank, this is much better,” said Harry smugly, capturing Draco’s hands and pinning them to the bed above his head. Draco resisted the urge to tell him that the gesture was entirely pointless since he couldn’t use his hands anyway because actually it felt good to have the firm pressure of Harry’s weight resting there. “Think of it as payment for all the times I’ve assisted you.”

“Potter!” He was cut off by a thrust of Harry’s hips, which changed any words coming from his throat into a moan of pleasure. “Fuck you Potter, I am not your sex toy.”

“I know you aren’t,” Harry suddenly sounded serious, but when Draco met his eye he could see the amused glint there, “But you’re enjoying this all the same.”

“Fuck off, Potter I’m not enjoying… umpf!” Harry had thrust again and this time managed to rub their cocks together properly. The noise that escaped Draco rather made a mockery of his claim to not be enjoying this.

“Your body says otherwise,” Harry hissed, his eyes still gleaming as he dipped his head and licked a long stripe up Draco’s neck.

“Don’t lick me, Potter! I’m not a lollipop,” he snapped crossly, trying to twist his head out the way as Harry did it again.

There was another lick, but Harry’s hips had gone still and then he propped himself up so he could look properly into Draco’s eyes. “Fine,” he said, mischievously, “I’ll just stop then shall I and get off? I’m sure your little problem will go away eventually.” He did actually go to climb off then. Draco yelped and tried to follow him with his hips.

“Don’t you dare, Potter, you can’t leave me here like this.”

“I thought you didn’t want this?” came the teasing reply.

“Fuck you, Potter!” There was a quirked eyebrow from Harry and then he settled back down again and ground their hips together, locking his hands around Draco’s again. “What the hell do you like doing this so much for anyway?” Draco managed to say through gritted teeth as he attempted not to cry out in pleasure.

“Haven’t you come like this before we did it?” Harry asked, with a good deal more curiosity than Draco really appreciated given that the man was supposed to be so turned on.

“Not really,” he grunted, pushing his hips up towards Harry’s and throwing his head back as he felt the hardness of Harry’s length rubbing against his own. “There are other ways I’d rather be coming.”

“Really?” Harry had stilled his hips again and Draco thought he was going insane, trying to buck and grind upwards to get more of that wonderful friction.

Fuck. “No, not really,” he gasped, “Not right now.” And he meant it, because actually fucking someone’s arse was amazing, but this right here was wonderful in a whole different way. Something about having Harry’s cock so close to his, eliciting such glorious sensations through his body, felt so right. He supposed it would feel like this with any other man’s cock as well, but right now it was Harry’s that was here and Draco really didn’t want to think about anyone else’s.

“Harry,” he moaned, lifting his legs and locking them around Harry’s hips to try and increase the friction.

“Fuck, Draco!” His head dropped into Draco’s shoulder and finally he started moving, grinding and thrusting and grinding until the air was filled with breathless gasps and lustful moans and cries of fuck yes and harder until neither of them could stand it anymore and Harry released one of Draco’s hands to grab their cocks and stroke them both together in time with their thrusting. The other hand buried itself in Draco’s hair and tugged hard.

With a cry half of pleasure half of surprise Draco came, shooting his come over their chests and stomachs. Harry didn’t let up with his hand and by the time he came too a few moments later Draco was babbling incoherently, his stomach muscles convulsing with each stroke of Harry’s hand.

“Fuck, Harry, stop,” he panted desperately, unable to take anymore. Harry eyed him blearily, still in his own haze of pleasure, then released their cocks and instead dipped his head to lick another line up Draco’s neck all the way to his ear.

“Hmm,” he hummed and Draco could feel him smiling against his ear. This time he didn’t really feel inclined to tell Harry off for licking him, as far as he was concerned right now the man could lick him all day, so long as he got round to licking some body parts other than his neck.

“I guess we should have breakfast,” Harry said eventually, rolling off them and reaching for his wand from the bedside table.

They did have breakfast, this time it was porridge, which Draco consented to allow Harry to feed him and Harry achieved by just sharing the bowl with him, taking alternate bites, much like they did at dinner. Halfway through the second bowl Draco refused anymore and Harry finished it off, giving him a look and muttering under his breath about how Draco really was too skinny for his own good.

Draco was in too good a mood to argue. He let Harry wash him in a shared shower and dress him afterwards without complaint before Harry went off to answer a Floo call. With him gone Draco let Kreacher brush his teeth, something which he still refused to let Harry do and then made his way downstairs to see if Harry was done.

“He is not getting in my head Ron, I’m perfectly capable of dealing with Draco without having some sort of mental breakdown,” Harry was saying when Draco arrived at the door to the sitting room. He hesitated just as he was about to push it open, coming to a standstill instead and pressing his ear to the crack in the door.

“Look mate, I’m just saying this is Malfoy we’re talking about. He won’t be even a tiny bit grateful once this is over.” Draco could picture Weasley’s head in the flames of the fireplace, probably with his usual stupid expression on his face.

“I’m not after his gratitude Ron, I’m just trying to make his life a bit more pleasant.”

“He wouldn’t do it for you,” Ron replied darkly. Draco could almost picture the scowl on his face.

“So?” Harry said, and Draco could hear the note of exasperation creeping into his voice now, “Don’t you think of me as a better person than Malfoy?”

Outside the door Draco scowled, both at the sudden, jarring use of his last name and the words themselves.

“But this is Malfoy Harry. He’s jumped up little git who thinks he’s the only person in the world who matters.”

Harry muttered something which Draco could swear sounded like, “Well someone has to think that about him.”

“Harry you’re acting like you actually care about him,” Ron said, sounding incredulous now. Draco felt his stomach give an inexplicable little flutter until Harry spoke again, his voice louder again now.

“Look, Ron, he’s an insufferable prat most of the time, but he didn’t ask to be cursed.” Draco’s stomach seemed to disappear into the floor.

“I know that. I just don’t see why you’d choose to hang out with him instead of with us.”

“It’s not a matter of choosing him over you Ron, you know I’d love to come round, but you know this is the right thing to do. It’s partly our fault he’s in this mess in the first place. If we hadn’t hung back to check on the dragons in that raid he probably wouldn’t have been hit by that curse.”

That was it. Draco couldn’t stand this any longer. He completely refused to be some charity case for Potter to give his time to just because he felt sorry for him. He didn’t need Potter’s sympathy and he didn’t need his company.

He shoved the door open with his foot, causing it to bounce off the wall and strode into the room.

“Well, well,” he said, bending down so he could see into the fire whilst Harry jumped and practically gawped up at him from where he was sitting on the floor. “Look who it is, the Weasel himself. Don’t worry little Weasel, you’re welcome to Potter’s company if you want it, Merlin knows I don’t need him polluting my airspace.

Ron’s face turned that interesting shade of red that Draco thought rather blurred the boundary between his skin and hair, as it so often did when Draco wound him up. “Fuck off Malfoy! I’d think you’d show a little more gratitude in your situation.”

“Oh yes, I’m so fucking grateful that you and Potter spent your time fussing over a bunch of dragons whilst I was getting cursed by a desperate criminal,” he spat, genuinely wound up to the point where he thought he might kick Ron’s face if he tried to make any more smart comments, “I’m really fucking grateful that I’m stuck here with only Potter for company whilst you’re out there getting on with your life. So sorry I didn’t make my gratitude clear.”

Had his muscles been working he was sure his hands would have been shaking with anger right now but they weren’t and all he could do was grind his teeth together and turn away, noticing Potter shooting Ron a look that clearly said, “Leave it,” before Ron yelled,

“Fucking ferrety git, let me through Harry, he’s not getting away with that one,” and Draco kicked one of the side tables so hard the leg snapped and the whole thing collapsed.

“Ron, I’ll call you later,” Harry said firmly, and whatever Ron was going to say in reply to that was cut off as Harry snapped his Floo connection closed. Draco didn’t wait to hear what he had to say, he ran from the room and made for the stairs, ignoring Harry’s shouts of, “Draco wait!” and hitting the stairs running.

Of course running up the stairs was not a good thing to do when you can’t use your arms. Draco knew that, it was why he’d never done it till now, and now, half blinded by anger and hurt and disappointment he couldn’t explain, was not a good time to start. He tripped on the fifth step, managed to fling his arms out only enough that they bounced uselessly off the stairs first and completely failed to prevent his forehead from coming down hard on the edge of the wooden step with a sickening crack.

Darkness descended and Draco felt himself sliding before everything went black.

Date: 2015-01-29 11:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh Gads, NO!!!!!!!!

They were doing so well, working out their feelings.
Harry taking Draco outside for some fresh air, and,
helping him with his weak muscles.

I wish Draco didn't hear that conversation, but,
maybe it was a good think he did.
I am glad Draco was able to throw in his 2 cents
too. I too, would be hurt and pissed off.

Date: 2015-01-31 03:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Things are never easy when these two are involved :) Don't worry everything will be fine!

Date: 2015-01-30 07:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm hoping Draco's accident will be that nudge that Harry needs to tell him how he really feels about him. Poor Draco.

Date: 2015-01-31 03:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I do feel sorry for him, but Harry did stick up for him to Ron (albeit in a roundabout way)!

Date: 2015-01-30 09:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey! You can't stop here!! I love this story so much I can't handle such cliffhangers! Stupid Ron and stupid Harry! It's time for both him and Draco to just confess their feelings for each other.
Oh, before I forget: that walk under the stars was wonderful :)

Date: 2015-01-31 03:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! I liked writing that scene :) Next chapter will be up later!

Date: 2015-01-30 12:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ouch, that hurt.

Date: 2015-01-31 03:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yep - I almost felt bad writing it!

Date: 2015-01-31 01:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry but Harry is a moron! If he hasn´t understood by now what his trying to keep Ron happy all the time has done, he doesn´t deserve Draco. I am really mad right now :(

Date: 2015-01-31 03:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I almost feel bad for Harry that he comes across so badly at the end of this chapter, partly because I know what's coming up. Hopefully you'll be less mad at him when you read the start of the next chapter. (Or maybe you'll just think he's even more stupid!) :D


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